Conuma Christmas Parties


If you are here because you are looking for your photo from the Conuma Christmas Party, you are in the right place.

If you want a copy of your photo with the Conuma logo and black oval, they are available for download for free. Skip down if you want a version without this.

You can find them here:

Chetwynd November 30

Tumbler Ridge December 1

Chetwynd December 7

Tumbler December 8

Tumbler Children, December 9

Chetwynd Children December 16 

If you are looking for a copy without the Conuma borders, links are below. You can purchase the file as digital download, or you can purchase small prints as well. If you wanted something different (on a mug, larger print size), just send me an email and we’ll see what we can do. There is an Eye For Detail Logo on the online proofs, but that will not appear on the final image.

Chetwynd Party 1

Chetwynd Party 2

Chetwynd Kids

Tumbler Party 1

Tumbler Party 2

Tumbler Kids


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From Instagram

From Instagram
Hey, it's a clear night! Let's go take some pictures of the stars, thought I. So I drove off into the mountains. As I crossed the Murray River Bridge, I decided to stop and take a test shot, just to make sure everything was set up, and, you know, because it was a river. Rattled off (well, as much as a 30 second exposure can be considered rattling off) a trio of shots just to see what I could see. A few clouds but not still pretty nice. Drove up to the place I was hoping to shoot, literally a 15 minute drive from here, and couldn't see a single star. Completely covered in clouds. Glad I stopped to take this one, a little annoyed that I wasn't able to take the shot I was hoping for, though. #night #nightsky #astrophotography #starphotography #murrayriver #photosafterdark #shotafterdark #rocksandtreesandtreesandrocksandwater

From Instagram

From Instagram
Artemis and Callisto. There are a variety of takes on this tale, but one version is that Zeus disguised himself as Artemis and seduces Callisto. She gets pregnant, which upsets Artemis, because her followers are supposed to be virginal. Hers, queen of the gods, finds out and transforms Callisto into a bear, then tells Artemis about this she bear that is terrorizing the area. Artemis goes and kills the bear which turns back into Callisto. She is filled with grief and Zeus, taking some responsibility for the whole thing, turns Callisto into a constellation and puts her in the sky. We call it the Big Dipper, but truly, it is the great bear. Zanna (still pregnant) played the nymph who got pregnant, while Leanna played Artemis. We’ve also recast the characters to give the legend a Greek twist. …..#legend #Callisto #Artemis #photoshoot #models #composite #forest #firstnations

From Instagram

From Instagram
Rhea. Another 5 Alarm shoot, Rhea is the Greek mother of the Gods, with strong connections to the earth. Zanna was pregnant at the time, so playing a fertility goddess seemed appropriate. This was shot on location and everything you see here was what was there. The sky lasted maybe five minutes, then it began to rain. …….#5alarm #portrait #outdoorportrait #mountaintopportrait #titan. #greeknotteen