Welcome to Eye For Detail Photography!

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Welcome to Eye for Detail!

Here you can find out more about us and look at some of our favourite photos. Almost all the photos you see were taken by me, Trent Ernst. Some were taken by my talented second shooter, Darin Clisby, and a few were taken by my wife, Colette. If the photos were taken by someone else other than me, I will tell you.

Feel free to look around and make comments. We appreciate your feedback.

Eye For Detail Photography focus is on wedding and portrait photography. We are located in Tumbler Ridge, BC but serves Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Hudson’s Hope, Prince George and into Alberta, shooting weddings as far away as Edmonton and Calgary, but generally focusing on the Grande Prairie area. If you’re looking for creative, unique images, look no further.

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If you are interested in booking us for your wedding,  graduation or portrait session, you can call us at 250-219-8215 or send us an email.

To find out more about us, visit the About us page.

From Instagram

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From Instagram
More playing around, both with Instagram and with water. I borrowed a fish tank to shoot this #amp energy drink, and got a handful of shots before discovering the tank had a leak. Expect more playing around with water and products in the near future.

#throwbacktuesday Engagement shoot from a few years back. Also trying out instagram integration with my social media. #kinuseofalls #peacecountryphotographer #engagmentphotography #testingtestingonetwothree

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#throwbacktuesday Engagement shoot from a few years back. Also trying out instagram integration with my social media. #kinuseofalls #peacecountryphotographer #engagmentphotography #testingtestingonetwothree

Nina & Del Kinuseo Falls Wedding, the Video

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Here’s the video version of Nina and Del’s wedding. It’s set to play at low res, but if you click where it says 360 p, you can change it to 720 p.

Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding, Part VI

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Last section presented without comment, save for this: my usual style of shooting (just hang out and frolic and cavort and just enjoy being married), leads to a lot of shots of people in motion, which is tough when you’re trying to do long exposures of waterfalls in the background….





















Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding Part V

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After the ceremony, everybody who was there for the wedding gathered for a group photo:



Then a bunch of pictures with friends and family, and some individual shots of the boys.















Next (and last) post: the happy couple.

Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls wedding, part IV

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Ladies and gentlemen, the groom:


Having spent the morning with Nina and the girls as they got ready, then catching a ride up in the jet boat with them, we finally got our first glimpse of Del, the groom, and the boys as Randy ferried people over from the banks of the river to the island where the wedding was to take place. Not standing on tradition here, Nina went over to see Del as he walked down the path from the boat:



…and then they all moved to stand at the tip of the island and just like that, the ceremony was starting.














Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding, Part III

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Having arrived at the base of Kinuseo Falls, Captain Randy began ferrying people across to the island while I took some photos of the bride, the bridesmaids, the bride and bridesmaids, the bride and her daughter, the bride and some random kid, the bride and her dog and the bride and her brother.

It has not escaped my notice that the groom has been strangely absent from these photos so far. Don’t worry, he is about to make his grand entrance….













Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding, Part II

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After getting ready at the Trend Mountain Hotel, Nina and her crew caught a ride up with Captain Randy Gulick from Wild River Adventure Tours.


The weather was a bit cool and overcast, but as we made out ways to the falls, the sun began peaking out from behind the clouds. Here’s a few photos from the Jet Boat ride up, mostly of the beatific smile on Nina’s face. She really enjoyed the trip!








First glimpse of the falls.




The Pilot

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For the last few years, I’ve either driven up to where I take photos, or I’ve caught a ride up on an ATV.

This year, Marc from Ridge Rotors was kind enough to give me a lift up to the top and then fly me around to get some aerial video of the whole event.

We’ll see the video soon, but while we were up there, I took a few photos of Marc, just because.






Northern Lights

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So, everybody and their dog noticed that there were some awesome Northern Lights on August 15, but I missed them, because it was cloudy out at Moberly Lake, where I was camping. But the next night was lovely. So I went out to get some pictures and, instead of the pretty streaky northern lights you’ve all seen everyone with a camera post already, I got the green wash across the sky type northern lights. But I took a few pictures anyway.





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