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Michelle Underwater Maternity

Michelle Chisholm-2-Edit.jpg

So, this was an experiment, and one that almost ended in disaster. Last year, I picked up an underwater housing for my camera, but haven’t really had much chance to use it since getting it.

Michelle Chisholm-3-Edit.jpg

But Michelle was both pregnant, and a bit of a mermaid fan (so much that she has her own mermaid tail, which she forgot to bring along), and I asked her if she wanted to try some underwater photos.

Michelle Chisholm-4-Edit.jpg

Let me tell you, they’re harder to shoot than they appear. Maybe it’s just my … natural buoyancy, but it’s tough to stay underwater and compose a shot while both you and your subject are moving.

The trouble came when I decided to change focus. I pulled the front lens cap off the housing, but didn’t screw it back on tight enough, and, after only managing to get a handful of photos, my camera started firing rapidly and without ceasing. I jumped out of the pool, opened it up, pulled the battery, dried it off and let it air out for a week, and it works fine, but it was a lesson learned.

Michelle Chisholm-1-Edit.jpg

So, these are the photos that I managed to take that were in focus and composed halfway decently and all that rot. It was an interesting experience, and I need to practice, so if anyone in the Tumbler Ridge area wants to play, let me know.

From Bellies to Babies

This one is for you Tumbler Ridge folks:

In case you haven’t noticed, Eye For Detail has a display up in the art gallery. The theme is from Bellies to Babies, and features a number of never-before-seen images from shoots we’ve done over the last few weeks.

It’s only up in the gallery until the end of the week, though, so if you want to see some great images of babies and, well, bellies, go check them out. I’ll be blogging many of the images over the next few weeks, but better to see them in person.

Also a reminder that we have a Christmas Card Special on for the next month or so. Get your photos done now so they’re back in time to send out for Christmas.



So, I’ve been pestering Jessica to do a shoot for a while. And it’s not like we’ve got loads of time here in which to shoot, because one of these days that baby growin’ on the inside is going to want to come out, and then it will be too late…

We were playing with some concepts here, just for fun. Let me know what you think works or doesn’t in the comments.

Here are some more shots. Click on the thumbnails to see them larger.


Baby William


I kidnapped my nephew’s son for a photoshoot a couple or four days ago (well, that’s probably the wrong word as both parents were there), and, after the official photos were done, I just took a bunch of little William because he’s soooooo cute.

The real photos will show up later, once I’m ready for the big “reveal”, but for now, here’s a handful of shots. As always, click on more to see the rest of them.

Oh, just a technical note, I haven’t done any (well, much) to these images at all. He did have a touch of heat rash that I cleaned up, and I may have bumped the contrast just a bit, but other than that, these are straight out of Camera.

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