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Emperor’s Challenge Pics

I’ve had a number of people tell me they couldn’t find the link for the Emperor’s Challenge Photos over at the Emperor’s Challenge site. So I’ll link to the page here.

If you ran the Emperor’s Challenge and are looking to see your peak photo/finish line photo, you’ll find most everything you need to know there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just move along, nothing to see here, other than a whole bunch of photos of sweaty runners on top of a mountain.

A Night at the Movies Photos

Hey, everyone, especially all you figure skating parents. We have finally got all the photos from the “A Night at the Movies” Figure Skating carnival uploaded. You can see them all here.

Just a note. While you are able to order them directly, the shipping on one photo from the States is quite high. We are going to be placing an order in the next few weeks, so, if you don’t mind waiting, just contact us, tell us what photo you want and at what size, and we’ll add it to our order.

There are two numbers for each photo. At the top of the page is a position number: Photo X of 70. This number can change. Below the photo is the image number (_MG_4024). This is the number that we want.

Also note that some images won’t crop very well to certain sizes. The images with the frames are sized to print to an 8X10 or 4X5 ratio, while the others are typically at a 2X3 ratio (4X6, 8X12, 20X30, etc), but we’ll warn you if a picture won’t crop well to the size you’re interested in.

Pumpkin Patch Portraits

Eye for Detail Photography was at the recent Pumpkin Patch event on a cold but clear Sunday afternoon in Tumbler Ridge at the ball diamonds, where kids of all ages and families sought refuse from the cold wind in our pumpkin themed photo booth complete with hay, fall leaves and of course lots of pumpkins! Each received a wonderful memento of the day, printed on the spot while they waited. Every so often Trent would run into booth and brace against the wall as the wind threatened to knock the whole booth over! We powered the whole event with our little onsite battery which miracles of miracles lasted the whole three hour event and only started screaming warnings when we were printing the final family’s picture.

The event was hosted by the TR Days/Grizfest Society, and included face painting, animal calls and jellybean guessing among other games and activities for children and families. The lions club brought tons of hotdogs and drinks that were free for everyone as well as warming hot chocolate provided by the Grizfest society. Funds raised by the Grizfest Society will go towards hiring children’s groups for Grizfest 2012. ¬†Here are some of our favourite images from that day. Thanks to the families who gave me permission to use their images and to everyone who came out!

Fall Photo Event

We love doing something unusual, a bathtub on a hillside, a bed in a flower garden, a couch with a view.

This month we are taking our couch out to see the sights ¬†(before it finds its final resting place…), starting with a view of the mountains, and we are offering you an opportunity to sit, jump or lounge on our couch in the great outdoors! Got a pick up truck and an idea of where you like the couch to go? We’re game! Book the couch for a portrait session from September 19th to 30th and you can take the couch where ever you want for your shoot, or simply show up where the couch is. We will keep you posted on the couches new locations as it tours the Tumbler Ridge area. Sessions are $50 for a half hour of outdoor photography in one location. Contact us by email or by phone at 250-242-8142 to book a date for this fun filled fall event.

Tumbler Ridge Pee-Wee Hockey

On February 12 & 13th, the Tumbler Ridge Raptors Pee-Wee Team hosted a tournament here in Tumbler Ridge. I decided to go and, you know, take a few pictures. The Tumbler Ridge peewee team, made of 11 and 12 year old boys (and two girls), won the hockey tournament for the first time in four years against stiff competition. Each team played four games over two days and the winner was decide based on goals being scored. Tumbler Ridge won the tournament on the final goal of the final game.



Taylor Motocross teaser

So, last weekend was the big MotoX races in Taylor, second race of the season for the riders with the Peace Motocross Association. I was there with Dave Thielen, a photographer out of Fort St. John, shooting the action and enjoying the first really nice day in quite a while.

Dave shot more than I did, but I managed to get out and get some pretty good shots, if I do say so myself. Here’s a few. I’ll be putting up a full gallery over at my smugmug site. If you’re interested in seeing them, just send me an email.


I’m going to put these all up large, to see the rest, simple click on the more below:

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Best of 2009: Music

Welcome to our annual Best of list. I should probably call this an annual favourites list, as Best of seems so…definitive. And truth is every day my choices will change. But as of right now, these are a few of my favourite concert shots from 2009.


Brian Doerksen, at Breakforth


Brian Doerksen’s keyboard player at Breakforth


Redboot Quartet, at Kispiox Valley Music Festival


Jorge Miguel, at Kispiox Valley Music Festival


Montefuego, at Kispiox Valley Music Festival


Montefuego, at Kispiox Valley Music Festival


Nine Mile at Egans Pub


Cynthia Hamer, at Rocking the Peace


A Name Unheard in Tumbler Ridge


A Name Unheard in Dawson Creek