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Portrait A Day 15: Tomboy


Jenny graduates this year and I had the pleasure of shooting her grad portraits including some in her pink prom dress. Long before that I came across Jenny one day dressed up in this outfit, and told her that I envisioned taking a photo of her like this —in braids and chewing bubble gum—the polar opposite of pink dresses. The original plan was to have her sitting on a fence (and there are a bunch of shots of her sitting on a fence), but this one just seemed to have the right attitude.



Anastasia Graduated this year from Northern Lights College, and we had the honour of capturing her in her beautiful dress with her family. Two years ago we photographed Anastasia and her son shortly after he was born and we are so happy to be able to be included in another great moment of her life. Despite rain earlier in the day, the weather broke and it was beautiful for the session. The result is some amazing outdoor pictures at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course.

Congratulations Anastasia!


Boulder Garden Dancers


This was an amazing day.

I got to spend the afternoon with four dancers (ballet and jazz) in the boulder gardens, taking pictures. Okay, it was a little cool and a little windy and it rained a bit, but…wow. I had a couple ideas, and then I just let them interpret as they liked. These are some of the results.

This is the black and white set. I have a colour series coming later. The dancers are out of Dawson Creek.


And the winners are…

Congratulations to Kassandra Palmer  from Tumbler Ridge and Melanie Moch from Dawson Creek who won the Show Us Your ‘Tude Photo Contest. Each of these grads will be receiving a half hour portrait session and 20X30 gallery wrapped canvas of their favourite image. Thank you to everyone who came out and voted.

For the rest of you grads… stay tuned for info about our GRADitude offerings for 2011!

Show us your ‘Tude Photo Contest Has Begun!

You are not the same as the girl who sits beside you in Chem, or the guy at the back of English class. You are unique.

We like unique.

To celebrate you and your individual take on life, we’re holding a photo contest. It is open to students currently in Grade 11 and 12 and going to school in the South Peace.

We’re looking for a photo that shows us who you are. We want to see a bit of your attitude. Your personality. Your style. Make it count, because you’ve only got one shot at stardom.

To enter or to vote, click on the image above to be taken to our facebook page, where the contest is running.