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The Tree

Okay. This is … This is big.

This is something that I’ve been working on for a while, and I’m very excited to share it.

A few months back, I went and put a bunch of Christmas lights on a tree in the middle of nowhere, and then waited for it to snow.

And waited, and waited.

But the last week, it’s been snowing pretty much constantly so yesterday Brandon and I went up there to check it out and to do a proof of concept shoot.

We nearly didn’t make it, because there was so much snow on the road, but we managed to power our way up to where the tree was.

We hiked in after dark, and found the tree nearly buried in snow. It was everything I could have asked for and more.

There was even a fine ice fog in the air, creating a great effect for the lights. At least, some lights. Because the reason Brandon was there was to light the scene with his drone.

The ice fog, however, grounded the drone, so we had to improvise, removing the light from the drone and sending him out hiking around to light the trees from the ground.

Because I couldn’t line up a model, Brandon stood in as a test subject.

And it was beyond magical. It was not what I was planning on shooting, and it came out even better.

Here’s what the first image looked like:


Awesome, right?

Here’s the deal. You can be a part of the magic, too.

We will be offering portrait sessions at the tree all winter long. Individuals, families, engagements, kids, grads … whomever would like to participate.

We’ll be offering the sessions for a flat fee of $100. That includes travel time to and from the tree, and up to an hour’s worth of shooting, though it is outside and it is winter, and it might get a little chilly.

The tree is located about half an hour from Tumbler Ridge along a occasionally plowed backroad. To get there, you may need either a 4wd vehicle or a lift.

To book your session, email me or call 250-219-8215.

The Pilot

For the last few years, I’ve either driven up to where I take photos, or I’ve caught a ride up on an ATV.

This year, Marc from Ridge Rotors was kind enough to give me a lift up to the top and then fly me around to get some aerial video of the whole event.

We’ll see the video soon, but while we were up there, I took a few photos of Marc, just because.






Dawson Creek Dancer Hannah: Dance Wild


I mentioned in the Jamie post that we had barely been able to get a shoot together, but that only scratches on the surface of my disappointing year for actually finding people to take pictures of. I’ve had at least a dozen shoots fall through for a variety of reasons, and I was starting to doubt if I’d ever get someone in front of my camera again.

Then Hannah said she was free. And she was. And we went out to the Boulder Gardens, and it was wonderful. The picture above is quite possibly one of my favouritest shots ever. Hannah is an amazing, fearless dancer. And, while winter is on its way, I hope to be able to do some more shoots with her someday…..



2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg

As you may or may not know, I’ve been working on a series called Dance Wild, featuring dancers in the wilderness (you can see previous examples here and here and here).

That was the plan here, too, but Jamie was taking off for school in Edmonton and working and there just wasn’t time to get out and into, you know, the Wilderness.

My next idea was to do a shoot at the fall fair after dark, because you know, awesome. However, the band and I were practicing for the Sam Roberts show that night, so I had to leave before it got dark.

But I really wanted to do a shoot with her before she left, so while the rest of the family was exploring the fall fair, Jamie and I spent a good … half an hour wandering about taking photos. She was awesome, but the fair itself was, well, it was the midway during the day, when you can see all the dirt and dings and cables, and not the magic place it becomes after dark. Jamie was wonderful, though, and I’m really hoping she comes back home next summer so we can actually do a Dance Wild shoot.

2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-002.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-003.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-005.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-008.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-009.jpg2014-08-07 Jamie dancing at Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-010.jpg

Winter Queen

2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg

These photos were taken last month with a model from Dawson Creek. The theme is the idea of Ice Queen or Winter Queen, but not as a menacing figure, a la Jadis from Narnia. Sure, there’s some menace, but the idea was to capture winter as a season. Sometimes cruel, but mostly inevitable and a part of the normal cycle of the seasons.

2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-002.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-003.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-008.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-009.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-010.jpg2013-12-23 Winter Queen-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg

PAD day 19: blue

2013-08-20 Ashlee Rain-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg

Blue: The colour blue tends to imply cool, though I’d say it was closer to cold tonight when I asked Ashlee to stand under a spray of water outside, straight from the hose. I think I’m obligated to run this pictures, even though we shot some with an umbrella, because, well, she stood under a freezing cold spray of water for me. And because, come on, she’s freaking gorgeous in this shot.

PAD Day 17: Dizz-eve


There’s a new park out at Gwillim Lake, and a new device that’s like a merry-go-round, but is much smaller and has ropes to climb on. Anyway, like a Merry-go-round, if you sit in the middle, you spin less fast then at the outer edge. So we loaded up the device with kids, put Eve in the middle, and started spinning.  All the shots turned out so different. I’m not sure this is my fav, but I love the expression on her (barely visible) face.

PAD Day 15: Kris Krupp


I was hoping to take a picture of Kris Swanson out running. After all, that’s his element. But today got away from me and by the time I was free, it was well after dark. So we came into the studio. He kept saying his beard made him look evil, so my mind went to a photo by Arnold Newman of Alfried Krupp, where he underlit the image to create a more ominous portrait. So, that’s what we did here. I love the way the light catches the lines of his cheek, and I can’t help but think he looks a bit like an image of James Franco I’ve seen somewhere but can’t find anymore. Or maybe I just imagined it.

PAD Day 14: One Romantic Evening


Okay, this will probably be the big set piece of the year. The actual idea was a little different; I wanted to get candles on both sides of the falls and have her in the water, but there’s a wind down there, and the tea lights basically blew out. Over on this side of the falls the wind is blocked by an overhang.