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From Preschool to Grade 12. School Graduations and yearly photos are an important part of family life. Eye for Detail helps document the growth and big moments of school life.

Tumbler Ridge grad


This year, I was ready.

Last year at the Tumbler Ridge grad, I wandered outside, only to come face to face with the most dramatic sunset of the year. Running back inside, I grabbed a random grad and went out to take some photos, one of which has since become one of my most iconic images.

This year, I was watching the sky, so obviously it wasn’t going to spark up like it did last year. Still, it was a pretty enough sunset, but who actually notices that when you have Natalie and Crystal standing in the foreground, in such beautiful dresses?


Gradfest Dawson Creek

Dawson Grad-010.jpg

We had the honour of being invited to be part of Gradfest 2011 this year in Dawson Creek and joined an amazing party celebrating with the graduates into the middle of the night. Located at the Encana Events Centre the grads had two floors full of entertainment including laser tag, nascar racing, sumo wrestling and a fab DJ. Eye for Detail provided a photo booth where grads could walk away with a souvenir of the event: three pictures on a photo strip, and the grads took full advantage of our booth and had a blast posing. Here are some of our favourites from the night, we were right beside the dance floor and the sumo’s so we just had to include a few of our favourite candid shots as well.  We are working on putting all the photo booth and candid images up online so you can see them, check back later.

Dawson Grad-010.jpgDawson Grad-016.jpgDawson Grad-018.jpgDawson Grad-057.jpgDawson Grad-074.jpgDawson Grad-078.jpgDawson Grad-081.jpgDawson Grad-091.jpgDawson Grad-115.jpgDawson Grad-129.jpgDawson Grad-145.jpgDawson Grad-161.jpgDawson Grad-002.jpg_MG_3414.jpg_MG_3433.jpg_MG_3438.jpgDawson Grad-113.jpg_MG_3485.jpgDawson Grad-172.jpg_MG_2932.jpg_MG_2946.jpg_MG_2970.jpg

Tumbler Ridge Grad

Hey, grads!

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This was not a planned shoot in the sense that we had arranged to go out and take pictures. On the other hand, there has been a half dozen or so killer sunsets, and each one that goes by without me having a person to photograph breaks my heart.

And I’ve been trying to get a grad in full regalia in front of a sunset for … wow, longer than I care mention.

But, back to the unplanned grad shoot. I was at the Tumbler Ridge grad with my portable studio taking shots of anyone who wanted photographs. The dance had started, and most of the parents had cleared out, so I grabbed my portable flash on a stick, and went down to take pictures of the teens dancing.

I had barely done two test shots when I looked out the door and saw the sky was aflame. And the door opens away from the sunset, so I knew that what was happening on the other side was going to be even more spectacular. I grabbed my flash, and grabbed the closest grad I could, and we ran out to get some shots.

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Grad Folios have been delivered

To the school that is. And I handed them out to as many of the grads as I could find, but there was still a whole bunch in the office when I left.

If you haven’t got your grad folio, that’s where it is.

Expect to see the first batch of grad photos soon. If you haven’t ordered yet, you can still do so, just note that there will be a small shipping and handling charge.