Charity and Jeremy’s Fort St. John Wedding, Part II

2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-411.jpg

Charity and Jeremy’s wedding day was warm and beautiful. Charity’s brother looks after the camp they got married at, and he officiated the wedding, while his wife was in Charity’s party, the Matron of Honour, if I recall correctly. Jeremy is a bit of an outdoor nut, all about the hunting, which explains the presence of rifles at the wedding.

2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-165.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-191.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-216.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-230.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-234.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-292.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-313.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-318.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-357.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-372.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-376.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-383.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-388.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-401.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-411.jpg

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