Cutting back in tough times

In case nobody noticed, there is a bit of a financial crisis happening worldwide. The effects are even being felt here in the Dawson Creek and Fort St. John area. 

And people are starting to look for ways to save money on their weddings. And one of the items that is first to go is photography. “Nearly everyone has a camera”, goes the thinking, “so why hire a professional? That’s just a waste of money.”

Of course, nearly everyone I know has a computer, or at least a pen, but very people I know are published novelists. Those that are are people who have spent a great portion of their lives learning how to write. I have the same software on my computer as Neil Gaimen does, but none of my books have been turned into movies. 

Nearly everyone I know owns a hammer, but there are very few people I would trust to build me a new deck. I own a hammer, and I wouldn’t let me near my deck.

Now if you don’t know the difference between a snapshot and a great picture and more importantly don’t care, then that’s okay. You can get uncle bob to take pictures at your wedding. But if you’re the sort who flips through bridal magazines and tries to picture yourself in some of the great pictures you see, then I would like to caution you that not everyone who owns a camera is a photographer.

I get to hear all manner of stories about people who went with uncle Bob, or cousin Berthold, or even just decided that everyone who was going to be at the wedding would have cameras, so don’t even bother to ask anyone to take pictures. That last one is a true horror story, as only a handful of people showed up with their cameras. Those who did forgot to bring extra batteries, or their memory cards were full, or didn’t take any pictures because they thought everyone else was.At the end of the day, the couple wound up with not a single useable picture of them. Yes, that’s an extreme example. Most wedding pictures are serviceable snapshots that capture the events of the day, but not the magic.

The wonderful David Pierce has a great post on his website on this very topic. 

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