This was not a planned shoot in the sense that we had arranged to go out and take pictures. On the other hand, there has been a half dozen or so killer sunsets, and each one that goes by without me having a person to photograph breaks my heart.

And I’ve been trying to get a grad in full regalia in front of a sunset for … wow, longer than I care mention.

But, back to the unplanned grad shoot. I was at the Tumbler Ridge grad with my portable studio taking shots of anyone who wanted photographs. The dance had started, and most of the parents had cleared out, so I grabbed my portable flash on a stick, and went down to take pictures of the teens dancing.

I had barely done two test shots when I looked out the door and saw the sky was aflame. And the door opens away from the sunset, so I knew that what was happening on the other side was going to be even more spectacular. I grabbed my flash, and grabbed the closest grad I could, and we ran out to get some shots.

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