Month: June 2008


Boy, do I feel silly.

So, a while back, I changed email servers. Meaning that anything that got sent to would go to Post Office A, not post office B.

Over at post office B, I had everything set up. If you sent an email to, say, photos@, it would get put into my box. If you sent an email to info@, it would get put in my box.

Well, over at post office A, I forgot to set up those options, so anything that got sent to info@ would fail. And anything that got sent to photos@ would fail.

But I’ve been telling people to email at these addresses. And they’ve been getting notes back saying “does not work.”

And it is only today, about six month later, that I finally realized it.

Mea Culpa. If you are one of those people who have been trying to email me at photo@ or info@, go ahead, it should work now. And if it doesn’t, send me an email at trent@ to let me know.

Thank you. Sorry. Thank you.

Graduate: Natalie

Natalie was the valedictorian for the 2008 Tumbler Ridge Senior Secondary grad class, and dressed in a stunning pink dress. At nearly the end of the evening, about an hour into the dance, when there were only a dozen people left in the room. “Come with me,” I said. “I don’t know how to act in front of a camera.” she said. “Don’t worry,” said I. “You’ll do fine.

What I wanted to say, but couldn’t over the music, and couldn’t because I was too caught up in the moment, was that I didn’t want her to act. The whole idea behind what I try and do, even in five minutes backstage at a grad, is capture the essence of who a person is. And all that “look fierce” or “get angry” is not so much for the looking fierce or angry (although sometimes that’s pretty cool, too), it is for the moments right after, once you’ve tried to look fierce, when you relax, and laugh, and bite your lower lip as you wonder how that looked. Those are the moments that I’m looking for. The unguarded moments. The un-acted moments.

That’s why I like spending more time, not less, with the people I’m photographing. Because with time comes trust. With time, people overcome that need, that desire to “act” and start simply to be.



Took these photos a couple months ago, while I was in Medicine Hat, but have been a bit busy, what with the books and a bunch of actual weddings and portraits….

This is Steph. Steph is a friend of a Aimee, and who was actually at the same shoot. You might recognize the backdrop.

Darin had some stuff in the back of his van that was heading off to recycle. One of the things there was an old picture frame. Well, I couldn’t let that go to recycling without pressing it into service….


Krystal and Dane

Krystal is, and let’s be frank here, gorgeous. Dane’s not that bad looking either (for a guy). Together they make a great couple. Here’s a few photos from the formals.

Krystal and Dane got married at the Dawson Creek Alliance Church and had their formals at the Granaries Bed and Breakfast.

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Michael and Dayle

My first winter wedding. I was so excited. I’ve always wanted to shoot a wedding dress in the snow. So it was great excitement that I approached this wedding. As the day approached, though, my excitement turned to dread as the snow never came. It was cool but not cold so we still took some shots outside, and they turned out great (though when you look as good as these two, it’s tough to take a bad picture). And I’m still waiting for those snow shots….

Michael and Dayle are out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, but got married at their church in Edmonton. While I love destination weddings, November in Edmonton is not exactly my first choice…especially without the snow.