Month: July 2008

Deseray and Shawn


These are a few of my favourites from Deseray and Shawn’s wedding. The day was cloudy but extremely warm, and it was simply cooking inside the church. Afterwards, we went and took pictures at Farmington Fairways, where Shawn used to work. They have two girls, both are just a bit older than my two girls. This was an extremely fun wedding party (as you can tell from some of the photos), which made for a fun day of shooting all around.

Bushstock 2008


We played Bushstock on Saturday, July 26, and, since it’s kinda tough to take pictures while you’re playing, I took some photos of the band that was on before us. They were called Damn Straight, I believe, and played a fairly rollicking set of mostly country covers. I would have got photos of the groups after us, but I had to go to a client meeting, so I took off right after we finished.

A month of portraits

Hello all you Tumbler Ridgians. 

I have set a challenge before me. For August, I want to get one great portrait each day. Just one, but one each day. So I am looking for models. Young, old, male, female, if you would like to be a part of this challenge, and wind up with one great portrait of yourselves to boot, just let me know. The portraits will range from environmental portraits to studio, to some rather creative set shots. And if you have your own idea for a shot, I’m all ears. 

If you are interested, let me know. Thanks. I’ll be shooting out of town August 3-10th or so, but will be back round about then. Send emails, leave comments, facebook me, or otherwise get in contact.

TRSS2008: Kal



There’s no denying that Kal and Larissa make a great looking couple, mostly because of her influence (I jest, I jest). I got a bunch of pictures of the two of them at grad, of which a couple have already found their way into my headers. Here are some more pictures, some of Kal, some of the two of them together. (None of Larissa by herself, though, because, well, this is Kal’s section, and because she wasn’t graduating.)