Month: August 2008

Kate and Zach


Yeah, I know, today’s PAD is in this group. I’d explain why, but it’s because I’m too lazy to change it, and if I were to go to the trouble of explaining it, I might as well just change it….

This is Kate and Zach. He’s from Chetwynd and she’s from Slave Lake.  They’re getting married, but not until 2010. But they’re organized. Unlike certain photographers who shall remain nameless (mirror, I’m looking at you….) We did an engagement shoot up at the Boulder Gardens. I could have taken pictures of these two for hours (cute like borscht and friendly, too), but it started to snow while we were up there. It wasn’t bugging me too much, but they were perhaps a little underdressed for snow; Kate was still shivering when we hit Tags half an hour later.

Danielle and Kris, August 16 2008

Here’s a very few from the wedding of Danielle and Kris, a day filled with horses, motorcycles and some stifling hot weather. Fortunately, all survived, including me. In fact, the bride and groom were in great spirits, despite the heat. Which was great, because they were both a lot of fun.  

And they had some of the best wedding cake I’ve ever tasted….