Month: September 2008

Bridal Session: Jade


Something I am going to be offering next year will be bridal sessions, where the bride gets all gussied up on a day pre or post-wedding and we go out and take pictures with no pressure to make it back in time for the reception. 

This was a post-wedding session. A few years post, actually. I wanted to work out some visual ideas and Jade, whose wedding was the first I shot in a semi-professional capacity (professional because they paid me money to do so, semi because she’s my niece and didn’t really have much choice in the matter), volunteered to help me. Silly me chose to do it on the day of my daughter’s birthday party, so I still had to hurry to make it back and the one shot I wanted to get, I didn’t. Still, I think I got some amazing images, and plans are afoot to do another one of these with her next year….

Busy, busy, busy

Hey all:

I was hoping to have caught up on life by now, but that is not the case. I’m still burning at both ends, take that how you will. 

All proof albums have been ordered and are winding their way though the proof album system. 

I have one more wedding this weekend, and then the wedding season is done. I am working on my How I Saw it for Danielle and Kris. No promises, but this weekend might not be out of the picture. 

I took some pictures of Jade, which will be up soon, too. 

After August’s PAD, this has been a bit of a shock to not be shooting every day. Early in the new year, I hope to do another PAD month. Always looking for volunteers, preferably local….

So there are pictures in the pipes that will be showing up here, but if they are not as quick as I hope, it’s because I have three more books to write in the next month or two. 

Thanks for understanding.