Month: November 2008

Holiday Specials

Let it Snow!


I’m looking out my window and it is finally snowing. Big, fluffy  flakes are falling from the sky. While it hasn’t yet covered the grass, I’m hoping that a few hours of this and we’ll be finally into winter. 

I love winter. At least, the start of winter, when the snow is fresh, and the temperature hasn’t yet dropped down to forty below. If this were what winter was about, maybe by the time February rolled about, I wouldn’t be quite so stir crazy. 

To celebrate the return of winter (oh, okay, and Christmas), Eye for Detail Photography is offering three (count ‘em) specials for the month of November only. 

These sessions are not your boring “stand here, turn your head like this” sessions. Instead, the sessions are designed to be fun and to capture your unique personality. Have a snowball fight. Build a snowman. Go for a walk in the woods…whatever! These sessions can be for individuals, couples or families. Check out this session with Cathy’s kids to get an idea of what sort of photographs I take, and what the books will sort of look like. 

Session 1:  Creative Cards

Includes a half hour Creative Portrait Session and online proofs, but instead of an enlargement, you will get 15 one-sided 3.5 x 8.5 photo cards or ten 5.5 x 4.25 blank folding cards. Or, if you prefer, get ten 5X7 enlargements. 

Price: $99, taxes included

Extra cards can be ordered, at $20/15 photo cards or $20/10 folding cards. 

Session 1: The DVD

In addition to the full creative portrait session (a one-hour photo session valued at $99), you will get five (5) DVDs with a slideshow of the best of your images from the session. These slideshows will be about 15 minutes long and make great gifts for friends and family. 

Price: $125

Extra DVDs $10

Session 2: The Book

In addition to the full creative portrait session (also the hour-long session, valued at $99), you will get three 20 page softcover magazine-style photo books. 

Price: $150

Extra books: $30

This year for christmas, why not give the gift of you? 

For more information, call us at 250-242-4424, or email 

(Note: These prices do not include the cost of travel to Dawson, Chetwynd or Fort St. John. I will waive the cost of travel to these communities if there are three or more sessions booked for that day. The easiest way to ensure that three or more sessions are booked that day is simply to get a bunch of friends together! And, as the person organizing the shoot, you will receive a discount on these already low prices. Contact us for more details.)

Graduation Photography in the north

So, down in the States, “Senior Photography” is pretty widely understood to mean the senior class at High School, the class that is about to graduate. 

Taking photographs of these soon-to-be-graduates is a fairly big event, and is approached in much the same way as a wedding is photographed, though there is usually just one, not two, people as subject.

Up here, though, this is not the case. When you say “senior’s photos” most people think grey hair and wrinkles. The photos of the graduating class are usually handled by the same people who do the class pictures. And the graduation photographs differ from the traditional class photographs in that the grads are wearing a cap and gown.

Is there anything wrong with that? No. And yes. There’s nothing wrong with a straight up cap and gown shot, but it doesn’t really capture the essence of who these young adults are. All it says is “I’m graduating.”

For me, meaningful photography should tell a story. It should reveal something about the character of the person being photographed. I am a big fan of books for both graduates and weddings. Because there is something greater than the sum of the parts when you combine a series of photographs, all that tell a story, all that reveal something about the person or people who are featured in the book. 

For me, as a storyteller in images and words, I find that the whole cap-and-gown photo, while an important element, fails to tell the whole story.

While I have been offering portrait sessions for grads for the last few years, I’m planning on pursuing it more actively over the next year.

I am focusing on the Tumbler Ridge graduating class, but if you are from Dawson or Chetwynd or Fort St. John, feel free to call me at 1-250-242-4424, or send me an email at to discuss your pictures.