Month: March 2009

GRADitude goes live


After many, many hours of plotting and scheming and designing and coding, GRADitude: Grad Photos with Attitude by Eye For Detail Photography has gone live.

The paint is still a little fresh over there, and I’m sure there are a whole whack of glaringly obvious errors, but you know what? I’m still throwing open the doors and letting in the throngs. If you are a grad, a gradparent, or just curious about what grad photos with attitude look like, you can hop on over to the GRADitude site.

Byron and Ashten’s Spring Wedding in Spruce Grove


Typically it is the brides who I talk to and deal with when asked to shoot a wedding, but this was a bit different. Byron is a friend of Dillon, who got married a few months ago, and has been my point of contact for this wedding. So it was a bit of a shock when I arrived at the hairdressers and met with Ashten for the first time. I asked her a bit about herself, and the first words out of her mouth were “Well, I’m from Waldheim, and Byron and I met at YC2005.”

Okay. There’s a whole lot of backstory there. You see, I grew up in Waldheim. First 18 years of my life were spent there. Turns out she’s the daughter of the brother of an old friend. Used to go over there and play Intellivision (yes, I am dating myself) when I was a kid.

And met at YC 2005? I was there as a chaperone for the Tumbler Ridge teens. I met the girls from Waldheim when I was there. I must have met Ashten there, too.

So we talked a bit about town, and growing up there, and about Davey Boy Hinz and Shekinah and a lot more. And the wedding was interesting, because I knew…well, not half the crowd, but a good portion of it. It was fun seeing people who I haven’t seen for nigh on 20 years again.

Here’s the first few images from the wedding. Many more to come. As usual, click on more to see more. Makes sense, when you get right down to it, actually…

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Dillon and Jodi: Even more


Okay, so I took a lot of pictures at Dillon and Jodi’s wedding. I do that at every wedding. I’m posting a few more here than usual because he’s my nephew, and he’s got a lot of friends who want to see them. 

There’s a whole bunch more that you can find, just by clicking on the more button…

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