Month: May 2009

Internet Issues

A few weeks ago, Telus blew a line. While I’m not on Telus for internet, my provider runs through them, and I’ve been having internet issues ever since.

Some things I can do, but the internet, especially email and uploading pictures, have been flakey ever since. I’m going to keep calling and seeing if they can fix it, but until then, sorry about the lack of updates….

I’m Free!

I’ve had some enquiries around July 18, which I had to send elsewhere because I was otherwise occupied.

But the wedding I had booked that day has been cancelled, which means I am free to shoot your wedding that day.

Also note that I still have a few openings in July and August. If you haven’t booked a photographer yet, and are wondering if I’m free, why not just send me an email and ask?