Month: July 2009



Starting this month, I’m going to be sending out a bi-monthly newsletter (every two months, not twice monthly, stupid English language…).

It will include some announcements, some special deals available only to subscribers and some photography tips, as well as some of our favourite pictures from the previous couple of months and…? You never know.

If you’re interested, please sign up using the following form.

Portrait A Day 2009

Well, we’re just about to August, and I’m planning on doing a Portrait a Day again this month. Rather than organize them all on the spur of the moment (like last year), I’m hoping to line up a few people to take pictures of ahead of time.

So, here’s the deal. If you’re interested in having your picture taken as part of PADv2, let me know.  Send an email, facebook me, give me a call.

Of course, chances are more likely that this’ll happen if you’re within, say, a couple hour’s drive (sorry, Jim).

Also, I’m hoping to run a contest in tandem with this year’s PAD. Watch this space for details.

Trevor and Lissa: How I saw it slideshow

I put some teaser images up from Trevor and Lissa a while back; here is the slideshow with those images and a lot more. They got married in an outdoor ceremony at Moberly Lake and the reception was in a big tent at the grandparent’s place. There was a bit of rain, yes, but also a rainbow.

Note that some people have been having issues viewing these slideshows. I’d blame it fully on Internet Explorer, but someone said they had problems with Firefox, too. I can get it to work here with Firefox, but not with IE.

It’s not the video itself that’s problematic, but the little bit of code that allows me to embed it on the site. If you are having troubles viewing the slideshow, you can watch it here as well.

Award Winning Photography?

Here’s an issue I’m struggling with and I’m looking for your feedback. Yes, you. Reading these words right now. No, don’t pretend you’re not and look away. I know you’re reading this. Don’t try and deny it.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely a potential client. (Or else my mom. Hi Mom!) Or at least, someone with an appreciation for fine photography, and are probably better suited to answer this question than I: do awards matter?

Does it matter to you, potential bride out of Grande Prairie, if your photographer has a stack (or even one) award to his credit? Does that make them into a better photographer in your mind? How about you, soon-to-be Graduate from Fort St. John, looking for a creative way to remember your Grade 12 year? Would having a photographer with a stack of awards make you think any more highly of them? Or do you have other criteria that you use to judge their work (like, say your eyes).

Okay, that last comment probably shows where my feelings on the matter lie. I don’t really care much about contests and awards and looking for acclaim from a panel of judges, which is why I am not an award winning anything (well, not since high school when I got that silver medal in shot put…). But recently, I’ve been wondering if having an award or two to my name might not be such a bad thing.

It is a nice shorthand for “Quality”. “Award Winning Photographer” just has that ring to it. Of course, with so many photo contests out there, many of them the kind that if you send money, they’ll give you an award, the whole process of becoming an award-winning photographer seems to be cheapened. (Of course, I feel compelled to mention at this point that Google thinks I’m the greatest living photographer, and who am I to argue with Google?)

But that’s how I feel. How about you? Leave a comment, or send an email and tell me your thoughts. Thanks.

Coreen & Lindon’s Wedding: How I Saw it Slideshow

Here is the story of Coreen & Lindon’s wedding, as a slideshow. Even as we drove back to Coreen’s family farm (located about half an hour east of Dawson Creek across the Alberta boundary) it was sprinkling on and off, but as soon as we got there the sun came out and it was a glorious day. From the limo ride to climbing up the side of a granary, this couple and their attendants took full advantage of the wonderful day and location.

Trevor and Lissa: Sneak Peaks


Trevor and Lissa are from Chetwynd, BC, and only booked me about two months ago, which is why I’m posting photographs from their wedding only a few weeks after their engagement session.

They are a lovely couple and Trevor has a killer smile. I even convinced them to go stand in Moberley Lake (water temp, about 2 degrees) for about thirty seconds. The reception was in a tent at the grandparents place; there was a lightning storm up on the ridge a few miles away, and if rolled any closer it would have ended the party right then and there, but it stayed away, and except for about five minutes of rain, it was a beautiful day.



What a great weekend. Wedding in Chetwynd, Family portrait shoot in Tumbler Ridge. Some audacious weather on Friday, but a beautiful day Saturday. Sunday was mixed, but after a few false starts got nice for the shoot.

Pictures are coming soon, I promise, but these last few weeks have been a lot of fun. Weddings in Dawson Creek and Chetwynd and Grande Prairie three weeks running. Thanks to all my merry subjects.

101 Facebook Fans

Hey all:

If you are on Facebook, I would be most appreciative if you became a fan of Eye For Detail Photography over there. I’m trying to get to 100 fans so I can change the link from /pages/Dawson-Creek-BC/Eye-For-Detail-Photography/35361929802 to /eyefordetail, which I am sure you’ll agree is a lot easier to remember. Facebook has set the minimum number of fans to 100. I’m still about 17 fans short.

I can’t say that the facebook page is very active because the Facebook API doesn’t allow me to upload pictures to a fan page using the program I currently use, but I’m hoping that will change in the near future. And I’m still planning on doing some giveaways, contests and just random fun stuff over there, too.


UPDATE: Thanks everyone. I’ve pushed past 100 Facebook Fans, and am now proud owner of Of course you can still fan me and friend me over there; I’m not going to complain.

Does Jerry Ghionis have kids?

I was looking at a list of what brought people to my website. Among the list of usual offenders (Trent Ernst, Eye For Detail, Dawson Creek Wedding Photographer, Fort St. John Wedding Photographer, etc. etc.) was the search term “Does Jerry Ghionis have children?”

I have no idea why that search defaulted to my blog (especially when I search for the term, I am nowhere to be seen on the front page), and even less idea why someone would be searching  the website of a small town photographer in Northern British Columbia, Canada for information on one of the most popular wedding photographers in the world and a native of Australia. About the only connection I see is that we’re both in Commonwealth Countries, and both wedding photographers.

But to answer the question, no. He doesn’t. At least, none that he knows of.