Month: August 2009

PAD August 28: Unidentified Flying…oh, wait. It’s Megan


I put Megan through so much torture tonight: land, air, water, and if the sunset counts, fire. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the mosquitos that were supposed to have died off because of the frost were out in full force, and she was positively et alive. Counted more than 30 bites on just her arms after the first part of the shoot … before they got really bad.

But she was a sport about it. I’m a bit miffed that she waited until her last day in town before doing this, but I’m glad I had a chance to take pictures of her. More up soonish on graditude,

Kispiox Valley Music Festival: Traveler



Last series from Kispiox. Yes, I was there on Sunday, but didn’t take a lot of pictures. Traveler were interesting. Depending on who you are, they were either cheesy or profound, melding world music with full-on rock. Either way you look at it, though, they sure were fun and put on an entertaining show.