Month: September 2009



While I was down in Medicine Hat shooting a wedding (far too short a time spent there), with Darin, we arranged a shoot with Nicole, as seen here. The town was partially founded on its clay, and there are so many old brick buildings downtown that you can shoot against, it is a veritable embarrassment of riches. The shoot was over far too soon (as supper beckoned), but I got a few great shots, including these two.


Kaitlyn L 2



More from my photoshoot with Kaitlyn in Tumbler Ridge. After spending some time in the fireweed, we went to play on the highway. Good thing we brought along a spotter, because instead of no traffic, as is typical, we might get one shot in before having to scramble off the road, leaving a bunch of curious drivers wondering why there was a girl in a bright orange dress on the side of the road….


Hey all:

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What? Do I have to bribe you? Okay, how about this: Anyone who signs up for the newsletter will be entered in a draw for a free portrait session, plus cards, perfect for a certain holiday coming up on us far too fast….

Northeast News Article

So I’ve heard from a couple people that there was an article about me (Trent) and Eye For Detail Photography in the Northeast News. I haven’t seen it yet, though having said that, I wonder if there is an online version.

There is, but the latest edition isn’t up yet.

Anyway. If you’re one of the people who just throws the paper out, but might be curious about reading some of my thoughts about the art of photography, hold on to the most recent edition. And soon as it goes online, I’ll link to it.

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Kaitlyn L Part I



I know it’s confusing, but stick with me here. I did a photoshoot with Kaitlyn and Leah in Dawson Creek one day, and then the very next, I took pictures of Kaitlyn in Tumbler Ridge…BUT IT WAS A DIFFERENT KAITLYN.

Obvious in the looking, but just in case you missed it, this is Kaitlyn L, who actually lives about four houses (and one park) down from where I do.