Month: October 2009

Jael and Alexa



Jael and Alexa are from Fort St. John, though I shot this family portrait session at her sister’s farm near Dawson Creek, her sister being Jade from yesterday’s post. Shot the same day as that shoot, too, so we didn’t want to keep the kids out in the cold for too long. Jade’s cat came along and caught a mouse, which these two found quite disgusting and I found quite disrupting to the whole photo thing, because it’s hard to take a good picture of someone when they’re backing away going “eww, gross!!!”

Olivia and Jody’s Medicine Hat, Alberta Wedding



As you may or may not know, Eye For Detail’s usual second photographer is down in Medicine Hat. He does occasionally drum up work for us down there, and so it was we loaded up the car and took off for southeastern Alberta.

We left Tumbler Ridge, where it had snowed not two days before. By the time we got to Calgary, the temperature was above 30 C, and still rising. Colette, who packed for winter weather, was sweltering.

The wedding itself was in a beautiful old church, and we wandered about the Hat, taking pictures here and there. I love my mountains, but there’s something to be said for the starkness of the landscape around there, too.

I’m hoping Darin will send some images that he took, as he took more than I did, but for now, here’s a few of my favs.

Megan GRADitude Slideshow

Megan was a trooper during her Hollywood Session, despite losing nearly a litre of blood to mosquitos. They were pretty nasty that evening, par for the course up here in the Peace Region. We took a bunch of photos down at Flatbed, then up at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course viewpoint, where we thought there would be fewer bugs. Ha. But the sunset was lovely, as was Megan in her grad dress.

GRADitude is your style

Today was school picture day for my 6 year old. I dress her up, do her hair, tell her how to sit and choose out the colour I want for the backdrop. Sound familiar? She asked me later, why did you pick blue for the background? I guess it wasn’t her style.

My goal is that every picture we take will reflect something of your style: from wedding pictures to grad portraits. You have seen our wedding slideshow earlier here is a short version of our GRADitude slideshow for your viewing pleasure. Watch it here or get it for your ipod on our itunes podcast. Tell a friend! Hey, and if they book, you get a reward! Ask us how today.

Jodi and Dillon



Isn’t that the way it goes, with people with the same name back to back? First a run of Katies, now a pair of Jodis. This one is my niece-in-law and, as you can tell, already pregnant with her first, though I shot their wedding less than a year ago.

Dillon makes a cameo appearance in a couple shots, but really, this is all about the Jodi and the belly, containing the first male in the family since me. You go, girl!

The bear on the belly was painted by my talented wife, who took probably half the pictures in this set, too. One of these days, I’m gonna be able to just stay at home and make blog posts while she does all the work….

Kaitlyn Ann Grad Slideshow

Kaitlyn Ann is Graduating in 2010 and has already started off her year with an amazing two hour photo session, in multiple locations all over DC and what a sport! Here are some of the best pictures in a slideshow. This slideshow and all her pictures can be viewed on our GRADitude site, but we wanted you and her to have the opportunity to download a copy through our new podcast. So… we posted it again!