Month: January 2010

A Website for Northern Brides?

Hi all:

If you’ve come here looking for another shot that escaped my notice last year, you’ll have to look elsewhere. This post is specifically written for her.┬áRight there. Yes, you, over there, behind that computer monitor. Don’t look like that, you know I’m talking to you. You just sort of clicked here looking for a wedding photographer, right? That means you’re getting married, right?

Then this post is for you, as it is for all brides in Northern BC and Alberta.

I’ve long had this feeling that brides in Northern BC and Alberta have long been underserved online. There are very few places for brides to find out information about vendors, to read what other brides have to say about their experiences, and to meet with those other brides.

I am considering changing this. But I want to know how you (yes, I’m still talking to you; stop pretending you’re not there.) feel on the issue. I’m not a bride-to-be. I’m, well, I’m a guy, and I like technology, and I may be seeing issues where none exist.

Do you feel like there aren’t any websites dedicated to you? Or are you happy with the state of things? Either way, I want to hear from all the brides in the Peace Region, and find out what it is, if anything would make your wedding planning easier.

So, if you have a few minutes, you can fill out this questionnaire. But really, the questions are just a beginning. The idea behind the site is social: a chance for people to get together virtually or in reality, and communicate. So I invite you to call or email me with your ideas, too, especially if they don’t fit nicely into the questionnaire I have prepared. The questionnaire, and contact information, is found here.