Month: April 2010

A wedding I photographed in Banff is in Wedding Obsession

Yes, it’s true, though I suppose that’s a bit of an oversell. I was second photographer for Leanne and Jordan’s wedding in Banff last year. Mark over at Unique Images was the primary shooter, and those are all his images you see over at Wedding Obsession. Still, they’re some of his best images (which is an impressive statement, considering the quality of images that he always produces). I held the lights (or, in the case of the ring shot, held the ring) for a number of these shots, so I lay some claim to them, even if it’s sort of a “I was there when”.

I’ve got a few shots from this wedding that I was going to put up onto the blog sometime soon. They’re not comparable, but there’s a couple that are pretty good. Keep watching this space….

Problem Solved! Troubleshooting


We’re back up and running.

Thanks for your patience. And thanks to Billy at for figuring out what was the problem.

Hey all.

So, somewhere in the past few days, something has gone horribly wrong.

One piece of technology is not talking to another piece of technology.

This means that none of the images on my website are showing up.


To make matters worse, there are about ten different pieces of technology all talking to one another and it could be any or all of them (I really hope it’s not all of them.

So as you look around the site, enjoy the pretty pink boxes.

The movies are still playing though.

Sorry for the trouble; I’ll fix it as quickly as I can.

UPDATE: FIXED! We are experiencing technical difficulties


We’re back, baby!

Mad props (do people still give out mad props these days? I’m so behind the times) to Billy. Not Billy the grad, Billy the IT guy over at my webhost who spent nearly two days to track down some obscure code error to get it fixed.

Thank you.

So, somewhere in the last few days a couple bits of core tech that run this website have stopped communicating.

I’m trying to track the issue down, but for now, there are lovely pink boxes where the pictures should be.

Sorry; I’m trying to troubleshoot as fast as I can….

New Backdrops, take one

So, I know that we’re pushing the business towards outdoor portraits, but that isn’t always possible. Rather than stick with just the plain old black white and grey backdrops (which are simple and effective, but can also be boring), we’ve added in a whack of new background options, which I will be slowly trying out over the next few weeks.

Over at the GRADitude site, I’ve got a dozen shots of Danielle, rocking one of these new backdrops. Check them out, won’t you?

Here is a sample shot.