Month: May 2010

Evening along the TR Point Trail

I found myself along the Tumbler Ridge Point Trail for a few hours last week, and unlike most times, when I’m tearing through on my bike, this time I was on foot and carrying a whole whack of camera gear for purposes that shall remain hidden for now (mostly because I failed in my task).

While I was out there, I took some pictures of burgeoning spring just for fun. These aren’t serious landscape shots, mostly just detail shots, but some of them worked out okay, I think.



Grad Folios have been delivered

To the school that is. And I handed them out to as many of the grads as I could find, but there was still a whole bunch in the office when I left.

If you haven’t got your grad folio, that’s where it is.

Expect to see the first batch of grad photos soon. If you haven’t ordered yet, you can still do so, just note that there will be a small shipping and handling charge.

The nerd in me just snorted

It was completely involuntary, I assure you, and I quelled the urge to push my (haven’t been taped up for years, thank you very much) glasses up with my middle finger in a complete throwback to a childhood spent breaking into the school’s computer lab (well, calling it a lab is probably overstating it, as there were only three computers back then, an no IP Addresses as far as the eye could see. And we had to dial-up using a 1200 baud modem. To a BBS, people. You young pups these days just don’t appreciate how good you got it. Now get off my virtual cyberlawn, you punks!) and playing around on them until the janitor kicked me out.

Anyway, here’s why:

Oh, come on. That’s funny. David, back me up here….

That’s from XKCD, one of the few webcomics I read faithfully. Click on the comic to see more. Do note the warning on the bottom, though.

Taylor Motocross teaser

So, last weekend was the big MotoX races in Taylor, second race of the season for the riders with the Peace Motocross Association. I was there with Dave Thielen, a photographer out of Fort St. John, shooting the action and enjoying the first really nice day in quite a while.

Dave shot more than I did, but I managed to get out and get some pretty good shots, if I do say so myself. Here’s a few. I’ll be putting up a full gallery over at my smugmug site. If you’re interested in seeing them, just send me an email.


I’m going to put these all up large, to see the rest, simple click on the more below:

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Medicine Hat Model Shoot

This one’s a bit of an odd one to label, as it is my idea, my idea and my location but it is Darin’s model, Darin’s camera and Darin who is actually pushing the trigger. So no, I didn’t take the picture, but I did make the picture, so to speak.

This shoot was done back when I was in Medicine Hat last summer, and was me trying to work out some of my concepts around some ideas that I’ve been working on.

The model is a professional doctor and a former model (brains and beauty) who braved the chill wind stalwartly. She’s also terrified of heights, so getting her out onto that point was a matter of facing down her fears.






Mike and Alyssa’s Dawson Creek Wedding: Teaser Teaser


Yesterday was a day. Not only did my band, Heavy Things, play what might have been the best set ever (with the exception of last year’s Kispiox Festival, which will be tough to beat), but I had a chance to photograph Mike and Alyssa’s wedding.

Mike and Alyssa are about the cutest couple you could ask for, but they’re about the nicest people you could ask to spend the day with, too.

Their wedding was at Bethel Pentecostal in Dawson Creek (where I appear to be becoming the church photographer, it seems), followed by pictures in Kin Park.

These two shots, though, come from the end of the day, after I had packed up the car. The setting sun was just starting to colour the sky in the fields that run right up to the back end of the Bethel property , so I backed my  car to the edge of the field, plugged in one of my lights, and borrowed Josh (of Josh and Katelin fame, who was playing the role of best man) to hold the light for me while I fired off a series of ten shots.

“That’s it,” I told them, and they thanked me, then Mike picked up Alyssa and carried her back into the church gym, where their reception was being held.

Here are two of those last few photographs, which will serve as a teaser to the teaser I normally do once I have a chance to go through all the shots.