Erica and Sebastian visit Eye For Detail Photography

Erica and Sebastian are engaged, and these are serving as their engagement photos, though it wasn’t technically an Engagement shoot. This is a “World is our Studio” shoot, and part of the YC fundraiser.

Alas, they are getting married in Ontario, so I won’t be shooting their wedding, but I did get a chance to hang with them on a rather cool, windy day near the top of Happy Face Hill outside of Tumbler Ridge for a quick shoot.

Baby William


I kidnapped my nephew’s son for a photoshoot a couple or four days ago (well, that’s probably the wrong word as both parents were there), and, after the official photos were done, I just took a bunch of little William because he’s soooooo cute.

The real photos will show up later, once I’m ready for the big “reveal”, but for now, here’s a handful of shots. As always, click on more to see the rest of them.

Oh, just a technical note, I haven’t done any (well, much) to these images at all. He did have a touch of heat rash that I cleaned up, and I may have bumped the contrast just a bit, but other than that, these are straight out of Camera.

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