Month: June 2010

Erica and Sebastian visit Eye For Detail Photography

Erica and Sebastian are engaged, and these are serving as their engagement photos, though it wasn’t technically an Engagement shoot. This is a “World is our Studio” shoot, and part of the YC fundraiser.

Alas, they are getting married in Ontario, so I won’t be shooting their wedding, but I did get a chance to hang with them on a rather cool, windy day near the top of Happy Face Hill outside of Tumbler Ridge for a quick shoot.

Baby William


I kidnapped my nephew’s son for a photoshoot a couple or four days ago (well, that’s probably the wrong word as both parents were there), and, after the official photos were done, I just took a bunch of little William because he’s soooooo cute.

The real photos will show up later, once I’m ready for the big “reveal”, but for now, here’s a handful of shots. As always, click on more to see the rest of them.

Oh, just a technical note, I haven’t done any (well, much) to these images at all. He did have a touch of heat rash that I cleaned up, and I may have bumped the contrast just a bit, but other than that, these are straight out of Camera.

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