Month: August 2010

PAD August 27: Sin City, by remote


Okay, so remember how a couple weeks ago I made a post that kinda stretched the rules?

Well, yeah, this one kinda stretches them even farther.

Here was the idea. I could get another photographer to set up a shot, and then I could take over their computer remotely and trigger the shot from here.

But my volunteer was a PC user, and I couldn’t get over that mac/PC divide, so after an hour or two of trying to solve the problem technically, I just told her what I was looking for and got her to push the button herself.

But it was my idea.

Sort of.

And it’s my post processing.


Anyway, this is Nicole.

pAD August 26: Eat your heart out, David Lee Roth


This is Lisa. She’s getting married tomorrow.

I know what you’re thinking. If I’m shooting her wedding tomorrow, why did I use her as a PAD yesterday (I know, I’m trying to keep up.)?

Because using her as my portrait of the day tomorrow would be too easy. There’ll be dozens of people I can take portraits of. (Unlike today, when everyone ignored me….) So, rather than pick the low hanging fruit (metaphorically), I’m going to challenge myself to take a picture of someone who is not the bride. Yes. The groom. I know. That’s probably who it’ll be. But you never know. I might surprise you.

August 25: relaxin’


My sister lives for the time she gets to spend in the bath. She’s a bit of a clean freak, but also, having raised 36 kids (her own or foster), getting a bit of time to herself was a luxury. Sometimes, however, she takes the idea of getting away from it all in the tub a little too far….In this case, hauling the tub from her childhood home in Saskatchewan into the mountains of Northern BC for a bit of a soak.

PAD August 17: Jump


Nearly caught up here. Had a portrait shoot the other day with the Kornelsens, back in town from Winnipeg (you gotta love it when people drive across three provinces just to get me to do their pictures. Oh, and visit all their friends here, too.) The shoot was down at Flatbed, and I caught this shot of Lily, their daughter, jumping near the end of the shoot. And by caught I mean I said “hey, Lily, go and jump over the channel over there…”