Month: September 2010

From Bellies to Babies

This one is for you Tumbler Ridge folks:

In case you haven’t noticed, Eye For Detail has a display up in the art gallery. The theme is from Bellies to Babies, and features a number of never-before-seen images from shoots we’ve done over the last few weeks.

It’s only up in the gallery until the end of the week, though, so if you want to see some great images of babies and, well, bellies, go check them out. I’ll be blogging many of the images over the next few weeks, but better to see them in person.

Also a reminder that we have a Christmas Card Special on for the next month or so. Get your photos done now so they’re back in time to send out for Christmas.

Lisa & Colin: How I saw it slideshow

Lisa and Colin got married in Dawson Creek, but we went to Alberta for the formals. Admittedly only just, as her grandma’s house was about ten minute’s drive east.

As you can tell by the images, the day was a little … moist, though fortunately intermittent. The families were troopers, but it got just a little too cold and wet during the formals so we went inside for shots of the wedding party. Fortunately, after an hour or so inside it had dried enough to go out into Grandma’s beautiful back yard for some shots of Lisa and Colin by themselves.


Jana and Koji Sneak Peaks



Jana and Koji came out to Tumbler Ridge a few months back for an engagment shoot, if you’re wondering why they’re looking familiar.

They got married in Grande Prairie on a perfect late summer’s day, and, except for some small issues (like my camera battery discharging overnight, and Jana having to have the dress laced and re-laced a half dozen times before it was finally perfect), it was a great day spent with a great couple with a whole bunch of great photos.

Fall Family Portrait Card Special

Yes, I know. It is September. But that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about Christmas. Winter comes early up north, and fall happens fast! So we blend the two in a one hour portrait session with 5X7 bifolded customized Christmas cards made from your favourite images. If you want to have these beautiful cares ready and in the mail in time for Christmas, now is the time to start thinking about getting your family portraits done.

And, as a way of encouraging our favouritest people in the world (that would be you, dear reader) to get your Christmas Portraits done in time for Christmas, we’re offering a special between now and Halloween.

Book an hour long studio session and get 25 custom designed christmas cards with envelopes for $150. Or, book a World is Our Studio session and get 25 custom cards included for $175. (Outdoor session include one rescheduling if weather doesn’t cooperate.)

New in our Studio



While I love getting out and taking pictures in the wild, not everyone is as outdoorsy as I. And, with winter just around the corner, I know more and more people will be wanting to stay indoors. Which is why we’ve been building up our studio over the last few months. New to the studio include a new strip light, which is perfect for maternity and baby portraits, as well as a new backdrop.

I’ve never been big on painted backdrops, but I gotta say, this one rocks six ways til Sunday. Great colours and big enough to do full-length portraits of an entire family. I brought it to Where Art Thou?, which was a celebration of arts in Tumbler Ridge, and did some Facebook Profile Portraits, just to test it out. These are the favourites.

Cazes Grandchildren

Every Photographer knows this one rule: the hardest people to shoot are your own kids. So when Allen & Deanna — Grandparents to our children and our six nieces and nephews — hired us for a photo session with all the grandchildren we knew it would be no easy task! And in the end our poor little daughter was beside herself with exhaustion that day and not really up to the challenge. But we soldiered on, and to my amazement got some amazing images to show them. Trent went above and beyond, finding an amazing location to shoot individual shots (great natural lighting!) and taking the grandparents down to the waters edge where he dived right into his work — literally— and got some beautiful images of just the two of them.

Here is a slideshow of the day.