Month: September 2010

Lisa and Colin Sneak Peaks



I’ve been waiting for this wedding for a while.

I bumped into Lisa, what? Two years ago, almost. She was at the Dawson Creek Bridal Fair, and I took a quick snap of her in the aisle wearing a wedding dress and a snowboarding jacket, posing like a rock star.

That, as they say, was the start of a beautiful relationship, though not nearly as beautiful as the one shared between her and Colin. By her own admission, they’re not the “sappy, romantic types,” so not a lot of cuddly shots, but it was a fun day nonetheless.

The wedding was held on a rainy day in Dawson Creek. But it cleared up enough to at least get some shots outside. The rest we shot indoors at Lisa’s grandma’s, which worked out very well indeed. If I had been shooting outdoors, I doubt I would have got any of the girls and flower shots, which are my favourite of the day.

PAD August 28: Can’t play on a rainy day


Hey all. Sorry this has taken so long, but I misplaced my card reader for the better part of a week, and then I had a whole lot of catch-up to do.

This is Lisa’s son, whose name is escaping me right at the moment. Anyway. The day of Lisa and Colin’s wedding was cool and wet. While I was setting up my remote camera in the balcony, he came up to look out the window. I snapped a couple shots surreptitiously before he noticed.

Celebrating the Art of Photography

Eye for Detail Photography is going to be at the Where Art Thou? event on Tuesday, Sept. 7th from 3-9pm, at the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre. This is a wonderful event hosted by the Tumbler Ridge Arts Council where the community can come out and enjoy the works and skills and even some classes with the local art community of Tumbler Ridge. We invite you to join us there to celebrate art in all it’s forms!

We are offering a free five minute Facebook Profile Portraits for anyone who wants to freshen up their facebook profile picture with a professional portrait. We are also going to be doing a few short seminars on how to take better photographs, also free. If you’ve always wanted to know how to take a better self portrait, or why your pictures just aren’t turning out, you’ll want to show up. You can find us in Room 4.

Everyone participating in the seminars and photo sessions will have their name go into a draw for an hour long studio session… yes that’s right, more FREE stuff!

Come out, meet us, learn something, get free stuff. It’s that simple.