Month: July 2011

Bryce and her family


Grad Day in Tumbler Ridge is a full day of celebrations, beginning with the commencement ceremonies at the school and ending with prom night where grad’s can celebrate with friends and family. Between these two events Bryce and her family invited a few friends over to her home and we were invited to shoot some pictures. All the girls and their guys were in full regalia, ready for the night and looking dazzling. Here are some of our favourites of Bryce and her family.


Tumbler Ridge grad


This year, I was ready.

Last year at the Tumbler Ridge grad, I wandered outside, only to come face to face with the most dramatic sunset of the year. Running back inside, I grabbed a random grad and went out to take some photos, one of which has since become one of my most iconic images.

This year, I was watching the sky, so obviously it wasn’t going to spark up like it did last year. Still, it was a pretty enough sunset, but who actually notices that when you have Natalie and Crystal standing in the foreground, in such beautiful dresses?