Month: September 2011

Waterfall Climbing


I’ve been wanting to, meaning to, get out with John for the last couple of years, but the timing never worked out. He was busy, I wasn’t. I was busy, he was climbing.

Knowing this, he asked me if I was free on a Tuesday. In late September. After the snow had already started to fall at higher elevations, to go out and take some photos. I said yes. Trouble is, he said, I can only line up one other person.

I was cool with that, and so we headed out to Babcock Falls, where John likes to climb. I had a vision for the shots, but not knowing how things would actually look, I didn’t get everything set up properly, so I just took some pictures of John and Katrina climbing down the falls (I guess technically, that’d be rappelling) once.

So this is a teaser for next year, when I get the lights set up in the right place.


Tamara and her kids

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-035.jpg

Be forewarned, you’re probably going to be seeing lots of pictures from Tamara’s not-quite wedding in Dawson Creek.

Why “not quite wedding”? Because her and Mike are already married. They went down to Mexico earlier in the year and got married on the beach. This day was the reception/party when all the people who couldn’t make it to Mexico (and most of the ones that did) came to party.

With no ceremony to get in the way, I spent most of the day taking pictures of Tamara and her husband and her kids and her parents and her friends and…

Well, with all those pictures, I thought I would start with just the first batch. Tamara wasn’t in her actual wedding dress, and the simple white gown she wore, along with her unbound hair and dark eyes reminded me of an 1960s Italian movie starlet, and so my processing here tends to hint at that feeling. I know there’s no sign of, you know, a husband. Have no fear, he’ll be showing up sometime soon.

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-002-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-004-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-008-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-015.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-022-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-027-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-029.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-031.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-034.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-035.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-036.jpg