Month: September 2011

Waterfall Climbing


I’ve been wanting to, meaning to, get out with John for the last couple of years, but the timing never worked out. He was busy, I wasn’t. I was busy, he was climbing.

Knowing this, he asked me if I was free on a Tuesday. In late September. After the snow had already started to fall at higher elevations, to go out and take some photos. I said yes. Trouble is, he said, I can only line up one other person.

I was cool with that, and so we headed out to Babcock Falls, where John likes to climb. I had a vision for the shots, but not knowing how things would actually look, I didn’t get everything set up properly, so I just took some pictures of John and Katrina climbing down the falls (I guess technically, that’d be rappelling) once.

So this is a teaser for next year, when I get the lights set up in the right place.


Tamara and her kids

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-035.jpg

Be forewarned, you’re probably going to be seeing lots of pictures from Tamara’s not-quite wedding in Dawson Creek.

Why “not quite wedding”? Because her and Mike are already married. They went down to Mexico earlier in the year and got married on the beach. This day was the reception/party when all the people who couldn’t make it to Mexico (and most of the ones that did) came to party.

With no ceremony to get in the way, I spent most of the day taking pictures of Tamara and her husband and her kids and her parents and her friends and…

Well, with all those pictures, I thought I would start with just the first batch. Tamara wasn’t in her actual wedding dress, and the simple white gown she wore, along with her unbound hair and dark eyes reminded me of an 1960s Italian movie starlet, and so my processing here tends to hint at that feeling. I know there’s no sign of, you know, a husband. Have no fear, he’ll be showing up sometime soon.

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-002-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-004-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-008-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-015.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-022-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-027-Edit.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-029.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-031.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-034.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-035.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-036.jpg

Fall Rainbow


The other day Tumbler Ridge was witness to one of the most incredible rainbows I’ve ever seen. It stuck around for at least four hours and at times was so vibrant and full. There was even at times, yes, a double rainbow.

So, I grabbed Colette, put out a post on Facebook and manage to round up a couple additional models for a few photographs against the rainbow and with the fall colours.

Why go to the effort? Besides the incredible scenery, I wanted to let you (yes you) know that if you want fall pictures, now is the time to act. Because along with the rain came a wind, and in a week or two a wind like that will take all the leaves off the tree.

So if you want fall photos, email or call us today, 250-219-8215.


Boulder Garden Dancers


This was an amazing day.

I got to spend the afternoon with four dancers (ballet and jazz) in the boulder gardens, taking pictures. Okay, it was a little cool and a little windy and it rained a bit, but…wow. I had a couple ideas, and then I just let them interpret as they liked. These are some of the results.

This is the black and white set. I have a colour series coming later. The dancers are out of Dawson Creek.


Kim and Matt: Part II


I hinted at this in my previous post, but you combine one part rain and one part sun and you get a rainbow. Or rather, a double rainbow. No, seriously, I don’t lie. It is only partially visible in the photos, very faint, but it is there. Of course, once we shot these we had to get out of the lowlands and up higher, because the sun was fast setting. And yes, my friends, that is another teaser.


Where Art Thou? I was in the Tumbler Ridge News, thank you very much….

Well, it’s not like the cover of Times or anything, but a photo of me and a bunch of photos (ooh, meta) appeared in the Tumbler Ridge news last week. Yes, I know, a little late to the game, but I’m trying. The internet here is killing me. Seriously.

Here’s the link to the article and the picture. I lent Greg my lights, if you’re wondering….

Kim and Matt Part I: Waterfalls


For nearly two months we played telephone and email tag, trying to find a half decent time to get out and do some engagement photos. Finally I said to Kim “I can’t promise you perfect weather. I can promise you that I will work with whatever is there and make some cool looking shots. We’ve been focusing perhaps a bit too much on weather, and not enough on the fact that we’re trying to capture a relationship here. Yes, a dramatic background will make the photos more impressive, but if we can get you two to connect, to interact, to be yourselves, the photos can’t help but be great, because we’ve captured the essence of you two.”

So when we set out for Backcock Falls in the rain, spirits were high. Mud on the white dress didn’t diminish the optimism. Okay, the rain on the lens ruined a couple good shots, and I was a bit worried about my flash with all the wetness falling from the sky, but everything turned out well. And once we climbed up from the base of the falls, the weather got drier, and the sun even began to peak out.

Mix sun and rain and you have a perfect teaser for part two. In the meantime, here’s some shots from the start of the session.