Month: October 2011

Blair and Family


Blair is an amazing student from UVic who was up in Tumbler Ridge on a coop work project this summer. We got to meet him through Jerrilyn Schembri — one of our biggest fans and also Trent’s sister — where he was staying while in Tumbler Ridge. Blair’s family, or more so one of his sisters and his mom, came up to stay for a week in July and Blair asked if we could shoot an outdoor family session. The window of opportunity was short as mom and sister were not in town long, and the weather proved to be some of the worst in the summer. The plan was to move indoors on the last day before everyone flew home, and then as luck would have it, the rain stopped and they raced out to the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club for what turned out to be an amazing shoot full of colour, fog and sunsets.

Blair came over before he left for school to see all his images and I was please to be able to create with him some lovely gifts for his sister and mom. I was waiting to hear back from everyone before I could show you these pictures. I am excited to be able to give you a glimpse of just how great a day after a rainstorm can look here in Tumbler Ridge, not to mention some of the most fun people we shot this summer.




Anastasia Graduated this year from Northern Lights College, and we had the honour of capturing her in her beautiful dress with her family. Two years ago we photographed Anastasia and her son shortly after he was born and we are so happy to be able to be included in another great moment of her life. Despite rain earlier in the day, the weather broke and it was beautiful for the session. The result is some amazing outdoor pictures at the Tumbler Ridge Golf Course.

Congratulations Anastasia!


Dobinski Family

2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-005.jpg

Jessica was fortunate to have extra family up this August and took advantage of the time to get her yearly family photos done with us. She had fallen in love with our waterscape sessions and chose to take her family down to Flatbed Creek for the shoot. We were able to capture many wonderful group images: some formally gathered on the rocks, others amongst the tree branches and still more while young Saywer splashed rocks into the creek. We took the time to include the family dog in the photos who did a great job of sitting still while listening to Dad give commands, Mom and I encourage Sawyer and Trent say hey look over here at me! The result, some great shots, some impromptu moments and a lot of fun!

I have the good fortune of being practically neighbours with the Dobinski family and we were recently invited to Sawyer’s Birthday where mom entertained a house full of little ones with balloons, gummy worms and bug decorations. I look forward to next year as we continue to have the honour of creating special photographic moments with them.

2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-005.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-009.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-014.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-017.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-019.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-028.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-038.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-040.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-047.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-049.jpg2011-08-13 Colemans-by-eye-for-detail-051.jpg_MG_0504edit.jpg

Steckly Family


The Steckly family recently booked their Christmas Card Session with us in October. To get everyone in the looking fabulous for their Holiday Cards, mom Jade wanted soft earth tones for their session and found cosy warm sweater dresses in pinks and browns. The day was cool, so everyone was only pulling off their warm wrappings for family shots, but each gal had the cutest jacket with hoods making individual shots amazing and fun. We took them up to a great look out with a mountain view, then headed down to a  favourite nook in the woods from Jade’s childhood. Daniel was steller, setting up their littlest girl propped against a blanket wrapped log all ready for her close up, finding a mirror buried in the woods, and a rake which we used to gather piles of leaves for the girls to play in. Their family of four had so much fun playing in leaves, exploring the paths and running through the woods. We had a blast shooting their session for them, a biannual event which we hope to continue. Here are some of our favourite images from the day.


Colbourne Family


Russ and Holly have two almost grown ups: two teens graduating in next few years and nearly ready leave their mom and dad for their own adventures. This made photos an absolute must and we were given the honour of shooting this amazing family near the stables. The plan was to do some family photos in the surrounding trees and then if time permitted to move on to some with their horses down at the stables, but as it happened they had so fun in amongst the trees and what with dad having just acquired a brand new pick up, the final focus became them against the shiny new truck. Holly told me that Trent had her laughing so much she simply couldn’t stop smiling and Russ is already calling the session the “Longhorn” edition.

The goal of the session was to give the Colbourne family up to date family photos for their wall as well as some of the teens, as their last family portraits were nearly a decade old. Their daughter Danielle tells me the most recent photo of her on the wall was when she was six!  We are already planning a grad session for Danielle with her horses – which we missed shooting this time round – and look forward to seeing the entire family for a session — a little more frequently— in the future.


Pumpkin Patch Portraits

Eye for Detail Photography was at the recent Pumpkin Patch event on a cold but clear Sunday afternoon in Tumbler Ridge at the ball diamonds, where kids of all ages and families sought refuse from the cold wind in our pumpkin themed photo booth complete with hay, fall leaves and of course lots of pumpkins! Each received a wonderful memento of the day, printed on the spot while they waited. Every so often Trent would run into booth and brace against the wall as the wind threatened to knock the whole booth over! We powered the whole event with our little onsite battery which miracles of miracles lasted the whole three hour event and only started screaming warnings when we were printing the final family’s picture.

The event was hosted by the TR Days/Grizfest Society, and included face painting, animal calls and jellybean guessing among other games and activities for children and families. The lions club brought tons of hotdogs and drinks that were free for everyone as well as warming hot chocolate provided by the Grizfest society. Funds raised by the Grizfest Society will go towards hiring children’s groups for Grizfest 2012.  Here are some of our favourite images from that day. Thanks to the families who gave me permission to use their images and to everyone who came out!

Kassandra (and Daris)

i4detail-2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-023.jpg

Kassandra was one of the winners of our “Show us your ‘Tude” contest (Melanie, one of the dancers in my previous series on Dancing, was the other), and it was a beautiful fall day when we went down to Flatbed, near Tumbler Ridge. She brought along her boyfriend as a prop, so I took some photos of the two of them together.

2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-035.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-036.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-037.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-038.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-034.jpgi4detail-2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-021.jpgi4detail-2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-023.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-033.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-032.jpg2011-09-21 Kassandra and Darus-by-eye-for-detail-031.jpg

Dancers in the (Boulder) Garden Part III: Jump!


Okay, it’s really impressive when someone can stand between two rocks and stick their leg straight up. But one of the thing I love about Dance is the action. Motion. Move.

While the Boulder Garden is a nice, solid base, it’s tough to find a smooth, level, flat surface that’s big enough to jump confidently, but the dancers did their best; if their form isn’t perfect, blame the photographer for making them jump when the footing was so unsure.