Month: November 2011

Twelve Shooting Days Until Christmas

With snow in the air and dusting the ground, and the Christmas decorations going up, everyone is starting to think about Christmas! One of the most wonderful gifts is the gift of yourself;  time shared with friends and family is what the holidays are all about. If you are thinking about loved ones near and far this Christmas and wanting to give them something personal, Eye for Detail is working hard at making your wish come true.

Want a winter shoot? Book a session in the next twelve days until December 1st in order to have your images chosen and received in time for Christmas! Looking for something from a past shoot in canvas, or as a gift item, or maybe some Christmas Cards check out our christmas ordering deadlines below.

Christmas Cards: Order by December 1st

Canvas, Accordion books and framed prints: December 7th

Prints, Tiles, Mugs and DVD slideshows: December 10th.

Tamara, one last time

2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-278.jpg

I mentioned the motorcycle, right? Well, Tamara’s uncle also had some classic gear, including the goggles and helmet, which Tamara was more than willing to don and get some photos on the bike.

Speaking of Tamara’s uncle, that’s him, and his three daughters in the picture with Tamara. One of Tamara’s cousins also wanted some pictures on her dad’s motorbike, but was a little worried about revealing a little too much to the world, as she was wearing a rather short skirt. “All I can see is headlight,” I assured her.

I’m hoping someday to snag her again, along with the cool helmet and goggles, and do another shoot. But I’m thinking that might have to wait until spring….

2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-276.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-278.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-281.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-283.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-285.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-291.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-300.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-304.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-308.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-313.jpg2011-09-17 Tamara and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-316.jpg

Hawkes Fall Shoot


Last year I had the honour of documenting the Hawkes children in every season. Every season except fall, which by the time we did the session (in late October) the leaves had fallen off the trees and it was…yep, snowing. That’s the north for you, fall falls quick around here and you gotta get it while you can. We made do with some leaves I gathered under sheltered areas, some dead fallen branches I dried snow off of and well, loads of pumpkins to finish it off. Mom was happy, kids had fun and the seasons were a complete set.

Well this year Jen was on the ball and ready with her whole family for a real fall shoot outdoors. We met at one of our favourite fall locations near the stables, where there are paths, trees, tall grasses and yep horses. Jen’s goal was to have a wide variety of images of her children for a wall collage to complete her set and finally have every season in her home. These are some of my favourite shots of the two children.


Fotos for Food Bank Fundraiser THIS WEEKEND (Nov 19-20)

Hey everybody, just a quick reminder that this weekend is the Fotos for Food Bank Fundraiser. This year, we’re back at the Golf Course, upstairs in the restaurant. The sign up sheet is at Shop Easy Foods, and as of today (Tuesday), we’re already about 75% booked up, so if you wanted to support the food bank and get a photo out of the deal, don’t delay. Your best course of action is to sign up at shop easy, but you can call us (250-242-4424), or email and we’ll be sure to get your name on the list.


New Winter Newsletter

Eye for Detail is trying something new! We are putting up a quarterly seasonal newsletter including photo tips and ideas for the season, a little about what we’ve been up to and what we will be doing, and of course, some of our favourite photos.

Check out our first ever Winter Edition Newsletter here, learn a few things, get some ideas and an exclusive coupon just for reading it. All our future editions will be posted to this site, so come back often to see what’s up at Eye for Detail.

Don’t want to wait for newsletter?  We send out a email newletter every months (or so) including regular specials. Sign up for our email newsletter here.

Tamara Part IV

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-199.jpg

Not only does Tamara’s uncle have a gorgeous property, but he’s got a huge garage, full of classic tools, an old wooden airplane prop, and some custom built monstrosity of a bike with a car engine in it. (Sorry, I’m not into bikes so I can’t tell you , but those who are would have found it really, really, cool.) And because they were behind closed doors, they started to get a little frisky (well, G rated frisky), which lasted for about two minutes, until the kids came looking for mom and dad.

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-181.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-187.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-189.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-193.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-197.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-199.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-204.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-213.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-216.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-222.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-228.jpg




The Jensens were the lucky winner of a portrait session from Eye For Detail Photography (or rather, Andrew was, but he brought mom and dad along for the experience) at a silent auction fundraiser. That was back in winter, so they held onto the session until spring, and then into summer, waiting for a patch of nice weather.

When nice weather finally arrived, we headed out to the viewpoint at the golf course. Not only is this one of my favourite locations in Tumbler Ridge to shoot, it is highly appropriate, as Chuck (dad) is in charge of the golf course for the district (no, he’s not just wearing the District of TR shirt for fun; he’s actually an employee.)

We got a bunch of shots before the sun went down. While the promised sunset never quite materialized, there is something beautiful to the soft, warm evening light. Which is why, given the choice, I live to shoot at sunset.


Tamara Part III

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-105.jpg

Still out in the garden at her uncle’s house, I continued with the Italian movie starlet theme, using an old movie lighting technique of shuttering the light to focus just on the face or the eyes. Or as best as we could recreate it using a flash and a cardboard box that was laying about. I pressed Mike into service as the Voice Activated Light Stand, but he finally got tired of just watching and put the flash down to go join Tamara in the photos. (Okay, I had to ask him to get in front of the camera, but I don’t think he minded….)

i4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-086.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-087.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-093.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-094.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-102.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-105.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-127.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-130.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-141.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-146.jpgi4detail-2011-09-17 Tamara-165.jpg

Let it snow!


Summer is long gone, fall fell and blew away, winter has descended upon the land. There’s snow in them there hills, and it’s soon going to be flying down here, too. We are excited! There is so much beauty in a softly falling snowy day, and we can’t wait to shoot it. From warm fuzzy hoods to colourful scarves and tuques, to red toboggans and green evergreens frosted with white, winter is a wonderful season for photography.

Last winter we had the pleasure of getting to know Jonathan and Bintang who celebrated their anniversary by having a winter session with us. After some romantic images in the woods, they decided to brave the cold and the unexpected truck passing for some colourful images and then got into the spirit of the season by ending the session with a snow ball fight. Here are some of my favourite images from that day.


Looking for a perfect Christmas Card Session? Book us before December 1st while winter is still fresh. You bring the warm and cosy hats and gloves, we’ll bring the hot chocolate to warm you up with, and we’ll all head outside in winter gear with a sled, ski gear or the family dog for a romp in the snow. Looking for something a little warmer? Join us in our studio or we can come to your home for a cosy indoor session gathered around a fireplace or the table making cookies. Winter may be long and cold, but this season our hearts are warm and full. Let it Snow!

Sheena, Chad and family


Sheena and her family have been planning this photo session since last summer, so it’s was a great day when we met at Flatbed Park for their family photo shoot. Light fluffy clouds floated across the sky, the trees were full of golden leaves and the location was amazingly Canadian – rocks and trees and … wait for it… water. After getting some amazing images on the rocks, lo and behold water fell from clouds blown in by the ever present wind, so we ran for the shelter of the picnic area. Undaunted we set up our second grouping with the view of the trees behind the shelter. Using natural light, and Colette holding a light bounce to capture as much light as possible in the now darker space, we carried on and got some amazingly cool images. Then the sun came out and we headed out to our second location: the train tracks, where we were able to get some fun and casual groupings of the family before we heard the train whistle blow and hustled off the tracks and back to the awaiting pick up where we finished off the shoot. The result a lot of great images in many different locations and all packed into a very busy one hour! Not bad for something over a year in the making.