Month: March 2012

Kerry and Wayne Part II

2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-121.jpg

While Kerry and Wayne’s wedding day was beautiful outside, it was still the middle of winter, so after our brief outdoor shoot, we moved on to the George Dawson Inn, where we met up with the mothers of the couple, as well as their infant grandson. This was one of a very few weddings I’ve shot where we’ve done the formals before the ceremony, which was a good thing in this case, because the sun sets early in the middle of winter.

2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-054.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-055.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-067.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-073.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-076.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-078.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-104.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-109.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-119.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-126.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-129.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-134.jpg

A Night at the Movies Photos

Hey, everyone, especially all you figure skating parents. We have finally got all the photos from the “A Night at the Movies” Figure Skating carnival uploaded. You can see them all here.

Just a note. While you are able to order them directly, the shipping on one photo from the States is quite high. We are going to be placing an order in the next few weeks, so, if you don’t mind waiting, just contact us, tell us what photo you want and at what size, and we’ll add it to our order.

There are two numbers for each photo. At the top of the page is a position number: Photo X of 70. This number can change. Below the photo is the image number (_MG_4024). This is the number that we want.

Also note that some images won’t crop very well to certain sizes. The images with the frames are sized to print to an 8X10 or 4X5 ratio, while the others are typically at a 2X3 ratio (4X6, 8X12, 20X30, etc), but we’ll warn you if a picture won’t crop well to the size you’re interested in.

Wayne and Kerry’s Winter Wedding in Dawson Creek

2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-018.jpg

You couldn’t ask for a better day to get married in the winter. Fresh snow, but not too much, and a beautiful blue, nigh-cloudless day.

Even so, Kerry and Wayne didn’t want to spend a lot of time outside; rather, they wanted to get on to the George Dawson Inn, where the wedding was to be held, and where their family and friends awaited.

Family was a big theme in this wedding. While Kerry and Wayne are newlywed, they have been together for over a decade. Their now-adult children and spouses were the best men and women, and their two granddaughters were the flower girls. (The third grandchild, a four-month-old boy, was deemed a little too young to be the ring bearer).

These are the first shots from the first part of the wedding.

2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-008.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-010.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-013.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-015.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-020.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-026.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-031.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-042.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-045.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-048.jpg2012-02-26 Kerry and Wayne-by-eye-for-detail-023.jpg