Month: July 2012

Charity and Jeremy Tumbler Ridge Engagement Session


Jeremy and Charity are getting married in Fort St. John, or rather, outside of Fort St. John at a nearby camp. But they liked the scenery around Tumbler Ridge, so they drove up here for their engagement shoot. We went out to the Boulder Gardens, which was positively thick with Mosquitos. But they came prepared with Deep Woods off, which kept the bloodsuckers mostly at bay.

This is part one of their engagement session; more will be revealed in a few more days.


Portrait a Day revisited: Jenny


Over the next little while, we’ll be uploading some of our favourite other images from our Portrait a Day Sessions. Not every Portrait a Day came out with multiple images. Floating Baby, for instance, was a composite and I’m only doing one of those. These are some favourite alternates from my session with Jenny. No, not that Jenny, the other one.




I was out shooting photos of them paving the golf course paths today, and came across Syd here, driving a rather large dump truck.

No, seriously. I didn’t ask her to go get dolled up, this is basically what she looks like driving truck. That’s the truck she was driving, too.

My entire preconception of what a truck driver should look like has just been shattered.


Biking at Sunset



It was a magical night.

I could see it in the way the clouds were, the way the sky was lighting up. It was going to be a night like the night that I shot the flaming mist shots a couple years ago. But I didn’t have anyone to take pictures of.

While driving around town, though, I saw a bunch of teens that I recognized over at the skatepark. Can’t do flaming mist, but can get some great shots of people biking against the sunset, thought I.

And so I did.


Portrait A Day: The Day After


This is the portrait we did as our final live shoot at our gallery close-out. But since we shot the portrait for the day the day before, we wound up with this one extra. I would have got it up on July 1st, but we were too busy doing Canada Day stuff.

This is Jade, and the idea here is that parents shape and mould their children, but what isn’t always as obvious is the way the kids impact us, the fingerprints they leave as they shape who we are. This is a visualization of that.