Month: August 2012

Catherine and Wesley’s Dawson Creek Wedding Part II

2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-481.jpg

Technically, this wedding was at Farmington, which is partway between Dawson Creek and Fort St. John, but for the sake of Google, I’m calling it Dawson Creek. Catherine’s dad owns a lovely farm that he works with equipment that is sometimes 50 years old, as it is less expensive and he can maintain itself. The wedding was held next to the dugout, which backs on a field, and another field behind. As I was taking the pictures of the Catherine and Wesley from the far side of the dugout, someone else was taking pictures with a rather long lens, too. I assumed he was taking pictures of the couple, or perhaps of me, but when I made my way back, he said he was taking pictures of the bear in the field behind me.

2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-117.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-129.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-169.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-228.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-239.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-270.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-277.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-279.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-309.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-327.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-335-Edit.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-390.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-398.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-403.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-448.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-461.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-481.jpg

Charity and Jeremy’s Fort St. John Wedding, Part II

2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-411.jpg

Charity and Jeremy’s wedding day was warm and beautiful. Charity’s brother looks after the camp they got married at, and he officiated the wedding, while his wife was in Charity’s party, the Matron of Honour, if I recall correctly. Jeremy is a bit of an outdoor nut, all about the hunting, which explains the presence of rifles at the wedding.

2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-165.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-191.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-216.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-230.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-234.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-292.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-313.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-318.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-357.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-372.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-376.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-383.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-388.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-401.jpg2012-08-11 Charity and Jeremy-by-eye-for-detail-411.jpg

Catherine and Wesley’s Dawson Creek Wedding

2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-065.jpg

In a summer that has been full of perfect days, last Saturday was one of the most perfect, especially for a rustic, down-home style farm wedding. While the hot and dry weather lead to a lot of dust being kicked up down the road, Catherine and her family wisely chose to keep the vehicles separated from the wedding site on the other side of a copse of trees. The decor was as down-home as the location, with mason jars and toll painting every which way you look, and the photo above is easily one of my favourites of the year. Not at all a unique idea, but the moment captures of the bride looking at herself in the mirror is just so…intimate.

2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-016.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-021.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-022.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-034.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-036.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-041.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-046.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-055.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-057.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-063.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-065.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-091.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-095.jpg2012-08-18 Catherine and Wes-by-eye-for-detail-106.jpg

Prince George Model Shoot: Ashley


I’m not getting much in the way of a summer holiday this year, but I was able to take an extra day off when dropping Colette and the kids off at the airport in Prince George a couple weeks ago to go look at cars, do some shopping and spend a few hours with Ashley here. She’s a model out of Quesnel, and holds the title of Miss Petite Northern British Columbia.

We spent a bunch of time up at Connaught Hill Park, which is where I took these photos.


Bailey and Ryan: Love Story Slideshow

Bailey and Ryan are an amazing couple that I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past few years. When Bailey asked us to shoot her wedding day I was thrilled, when she told me it would be at Kinuseo Falls Trent was in heaven. After a touching ceremony, we set out to shoot the formals in the beauty and wilds of the area including some of Ryan’s favourite locations and Baileys love of the purple fireweed that grows all over northern BC. The wedding day ended at their reception where beautiful details garnished every table and the family and friends waited expectantly for the wedding party to return from their northern photo adventures.

Here is their day.

Mountain Monday: Holzworth Meadows

Okay, this is another one of those “is it a Mountain Monday or Flower Friday” type issues. This one is not, however, a picture. It is in fact a time lapse video I shot when up on Holzworth the other day. I wanted to see how long the movie was if I left the camera there for about an hour (actually, just about an hour and a half). So it’s like a photo, but it changes over time.

Apologies to Tumbler Residents; Telus is still not here, so you’ll have to click play, then walk away for ten or twenty minutes while it loads. I know, I know, but it’s the best we can do for now. But Telus high speed is on it’s way in the next few weeks. Yay!