Month: September 2012

Kealy and Mike Love Story Slideshow


While the property where Kealy and Mike got married was absolutely gorgeous, mother nature decided to step up her game, providing dramatic dark clouds that provided a great tonal contrast to the whites of the girl’s dresses and the grey of the boy’s suits. Fortunately it didn’t rain until everyone was inside, and then only for a few minutes. Fortunately, the clouds didn’t cover the whole sky, and, moments before the sun set it shone through a gap between the clouds and the land, creating a strip of fire along the horizon below the still-threatening clouds for a beautiful but brief moment after supper.

Kealy and Mike Grande Prairie Wedding

2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-210.jpg

After last year’s deluge weddings, this year has gone back to the usual perfect weather on weekends. The entire summer featured perfect Saturdays.

Of course, Kealy and Mike got married the first weekend in September, and so all bets were off. The weather was mixed, with dangerous looking skies. Fortunately, the rain held off for the wedding and for the formals, and I love skies like this. Here’s part 2 from Kealy and Mike’s wedding.

2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-165.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-184.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-193.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-210.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-213.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-217.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-219.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-228.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-230.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-239.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-265.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-266.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-269.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-270.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-276.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-294.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-298.jpg

Ashley and Daren love story slideshow


Typically, we chose soft, romantic music for these slide shows, but while I’m not going to say there weren’t any romantic moments, the whole shoot was quite lively, with people climbing on things, pretending to toss the bride in the dugout, and, after a quick game of duelling posing, the girls charging the guys and trying to tackle them. Besides, as we were shooting the formals, Ashley had music playing in the background, which included things like ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by the Darkness, so, yeah, fun and upbeat suits.

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Prince George Model Shoot III: Purden Lake


Okay, so here’s where things got a little…excessive. I was looking for a place where there was water. The rivers in Prince George were too high, and I just couldn’t find what I was looking for in town, so we drove to the nearest lake I knew was appropriate, which was about 45 minutes out of Prince George, the wrong way for both of us. Here we took a series of images by the water, in the forest and in the water. These are some of my favourites from the first set….


Ashley and Daren’s Fort St. John Wedding Part II


Ashley’s entire set of directions for me for the wedding was “have fun.” Which is fine to say, but only works when all parties involved are having fun. Which, as you probably can tell from the photos, they were. These photos are a bit more calm than the previous set, and we took some time to explore her parent’s farm, which was amazing.


Kealy and Mike Grande Prairie Wedding


Okay, let’s get this out of the way off the top. Aspen Ridge Day Spa, which is where Kealy and Mike got married and which Kealy’s parents own, is absolutely stunning, indoors and out. Add in a gorgeous bride, a ruggedly handsome groom, and you have all the elements for some great wedding photos.

The day spa is designed white-on-white, with lots of windows and plenty of open space, which focuses the attention on anything that isn’t white, like the pale gold of Kealy’s hair and the clear blue of her eyes.

I got there early and captured some shots of Mike, Kealy and the wedding party getting ready.


Catherine and Wesley love story slideshow

There is something I’ve always loved about creating these slideshows for couples. Each image from the wedding holds so much meaning, wether it be the details painstakingly hand created or the the expressions captured during moments of intense emotion. In putting these moments for Catherine and Wesley together in series, and telling the story of the day and seeing such joy and love… well I can’t help but smile too.