Month: October 2012

Prince George Model Shoot Part V: Clean-up


In our last episode with Ashley, she had, for some unknown reason (might have been me suggesting it, though she didn’t actually have to listen), covered herself with mud, which gave her a bit of a “raised by wolves” look. But once we were done that, she had to clean up, which was done by the simple expedience of walking into the lake and dunking herself.

Of course I took pictures.


Sharai and Rob Engagement

Sharai’s favourite time of the year is fall. A few months ago she asked me to shoot her engagement photos and we waited with anticipation for the leaves to turn so we could head out and have some fun with the beautiful natural backdrop of Autumn.
For the shoot they headed up the Wolverine Valley near Tumbler Ridge and spent the evening in laughter and romance. Sharai brought balloons, and some handmade creations to add charm to the photos.

Prince George Model Shoot Part IV: Ashley


Whoops. Put these pictures up a week or two ago but forgot to post them until tonight. This is Ashley at Purden Lake, which is near Prince George. And yes, that is mud. Despite being a glamourous model type, she’s also a down and dirty, guns and knives type person. Didn’t bring any weapons to the provincial park, but let her get dirty….