Month: August 2013

PAD day 19: blue

2013-08-20 Ashlee Rain-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg

Blue: The colour blue tends to imply cool, though I’d say it was closer to cold tonight when I asked Ashlee to stand under a spray of water outside, straight from the hose. I think I’m obligated to run this pictures, even though we shot some with an umbrella, because, well, she stood under a freezing cold spray of water for me. And because, come on, she’s freaking gorgeous in this shot.

PAD Day 17: Dizz-eve


There’s a new park out at Gwillim Lake, and a new device that’s like a merry-go-round, but is much smaller and has ropes to climb on. Anyway, like a Merry-go-round, if you sit in the middle, you spin less fast then at the outer edge. So we loaded up the device with kids, put Eve in the middle, and started spinning.  All the shots turned out so different. I’m not sure this is my fav, but I love the expression on her (barely visible) face.

Tumbler Ridge Wedding: Danielle and Derek

2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-024.jpg

Danielle and Derek’s wedding was about the most casual affair I’ve ever been to, held in their backyard and with only a small group of friends to witness the event. Rather than hide before the wedding, Danielle was down there in her dress, mingling with friends and neighbours.

But the casualness of the wedding was only fitting, considering these two, and it was no less a wondrous for its lack of pomp and pageantry, and it will be a wedding I remember for a long time, for all its simple elegance and homespun charm.

2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-002.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-003.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-005.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-008.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-009.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-010.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-011.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-012.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-013.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-014.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-015.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-016.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-017.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-018.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-019.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-020.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-021.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-022.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-023.jpg2013-08-09 Danielle and Derek-by-eye-for-detail-024.jpg

PAD Day 15: Kris Krupp


I was hoping to take a picture of Kris Swanson out running. After all, that’s his element. But today got away from me and by the time I was free, it was well after dark. So we came into the studio. He kept saying his beard made him look evil, so my mind went to a photo by Arnold Newman of Alfried Krupp, where he underlit the image to create a more ominous portrait. So, that’s what we did here. I love the way the light catches the lines of his cheek, and I can’t help but think he looks a bit like an image of James Franco I’ve seen somewhere but can’t find anymore. Or maybe I just imagined it.

PAD Day 14: One Romantic Evening


Okay, this will probably be the big set piece of the year. The actual idea was a little different; I wanted to get candles on both sides of the falls and have her in the water, but there’s a wind down there, and the tea lights basically blew out. Over on this side of the falls the wind is blocked by an overhang.

PAD Day 12


As a photographer, I still struggle with how I present people in images. Everyone knows that most magazine covers are photoshopped to death, and that women are digitally nipped and tucked until they are perfect, plastic, and completely unreal.

But do I take and reject that, and have people compare my pictures with heavily retouched images and think they look ugly? Do I retouch and create an unrealistic self perception?

So I’m starting a new style of photography: Beauty photography. Not fashion, which creates unrealistic expectations, not glamour, which suffers from a history of too much Vaseline on the lenses. But beauty. To try and capture the simple beauty of what it means to be a woman. To try and capture that spark of life that makes a person who they are, without trying to impose the world’s vision of what it means to be beautiful.

I would be lying if I said nothing was done to this image, but only a little bit of brightening here, a little bit of softening there. This image has not seen the inside of Photoshop at all. All I brought to this one was the light and good timing; everything else is all Stacie.

If you are interested in this type of session, please contact us.

PAD Day 10

2013-08-11 Fall Fair-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg

Was supposed to be getting together with a grad in a dress, but I got to the fair late, and mom had taken the dress home. So I bumped into Danielle, and she said she’d pose for me. This is an idea that’s been hanging around for a few years now, and while I still want to do it with a grad in dress, this turned out pretty well, considering it was starting to rain and I was trying to jury rig a tripod out of a light stand and a gorilla pod….