Month: June 2015

Dance Wild: Urban Outdoors

2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-242.jpg

When I was down in Vancouver a while back, I tried to set up a bunch of photoshoots, all of which fell through due to crappy weather.

All that is, save one. Nicole and I got together on the last day I was down there and the rain blessedly held off for a few hours. Heck, it even got sunny there for a few minutes.

Nicole does more urban dance, hip hop with some break dancy moves tossed in for good measure. Which is all about pavement and hard surfaces. So naturally, I took her into a forest and said “good luck”.

She did admirably, given the lack of flat surfaces and generally sketchy conditions, and was extremely good natured about the whole thing, to boot. We did some more model-y photos, too, which I shall be posting over the next few days. For now, enjoy.

2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-012.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-014.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-015.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-016.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-018.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-025.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-026.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-242.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-250.jpg2015-04-25 Nicole Panton-by-eye-for-detail-019.jpg