Month: July 2015

Selenne and the Sparkler(s)

So, there’s this picture that Selenne really likes:

And, when I asked her if she wanted to go out and play model for me, she said “can we do a photo like this?”

I said, “sure. In fact, we can do a whole bunch….”














And then, since I had brought out my big umbrella, I decided to just get a couple straight up portraits with the sunset behind. This is the best of the bunch:


And then, since the light was fading, we decided to have some fun, first with the sparklers:



And then with a cell phone:



And finally, with both:


Michelle Underwater Maternity

Michelle Chisholm-2-Edit.jpg

So, this was an experiment, and one that almost ended in disaster. Last year, I picked up an underwater housing for my camera, but haven’t really had much chance to use it since getting it.

Michelle Chisholm-3-Edit.jpg

But Michelle was both pregnant, and a bit of a mermaid fan (so much that she has her own mermaid tail, which she forgot to bring along), and I asked her if she wanted to try some underwater photos.

Michelle Chisholm-4-Edit.jpg

Let me tell you, they’re harder to shoot than they appear. Maybe it’s just my … natural buoyancy, but it’s tough to stay underwater and compose a shot while both you and your subject are moving.

The trouble came when I decided to change focus. I pulled the front lens cap off the housing, but didn’t screw it back on tight enough, and, after only managing to get a handful of photos, my camera started firing rapidly and without ceasing. I jumped out of the pool, opened it up, pulled the battery, dried it off and let it air out for a week, and it works fine, but it was a lesson learned.

Michelle Chisholm-1-Edit.jpg

So, these are the photos that I managed to take that were in focus and composed halfway decently and all that rot. It was an interesting experience, and I need to practice, so if anyone in the Tumbler Ridge area wants to play, let me know.