Month: August 2015

Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls wedding, part IV

Ladies and gentlemen, the groom:


Having spent the morning with Nina and the girls as they got ready, then catching a ride up in the jet boat with them, we finally got our first glimpse of Del, the groom, and the boys as Randy ferried people over from the banks of the river to the island where the wedding was to take place. Not standing on tradition here, Nina went over to see Del as he walked down the path from the boat:



…and then they all moved to stand at the tip of the island and just like that, the ceremony was starting.














Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding, Part III

Having arrived at the base of Kinuseo Falls, Captain Randy began ferrying people across to the island while I took some photos of the bride, the bridesmaids, the bride and bridesmaids, the bride and her daughter, the bride and some random kid, the bride and her dog and the bride and her brother.

It has not escaped my notice that the groom has been strangely absent from these photos so far. Don’t worry, he is about to make his grand entrance….













Nina and Del’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding, Part II

After getting ready at the Trend Mountain Hotel, Nina and her crew caught a ride up with Captain Randy Gulick from Wild River Adventure Tours.


The weather was a bit cool and overcast, but as we made out ways to the falls, the sun began peaking out from behind the clouds. Here’s a few photos from the Jet Boat ride up, mostly of the beatific smile on Nina’s face. She really enjoyed the trip!








First glimpse of the falls.




The Pilot

For the last few years, I’ve either driven up to where I take photos, or I’ve caught a ride up on an ATV.

This year, Marc from Ridge Rotors was kind enough to give me a lift up to the top and then fly me around to get some aerial video of the whole event.

We’ll see the video soon, but while we were up there, I took a few photos of Marc, just because.






Northern Lights

So, everybody and their dog noticed that there were some awesome Northern Lights on August 15, but I missed them, because it was cloudy out at Moberly Lake, where I was camping. But the next night was lovely. So I went out to get some pictures and, instead of the pretty streaky northern lights you’ve all seen everyone with a camera post already, I got the green wash across the sky type northern lights. But I took a few pictures anyway.





Emperor’s Challenge Pics

I’ve had a number of people tell me they couldn’t find the link for the Emperor’s Challenge Photos over at the Emperor’s Challenge site. So I’ll link to the page here.

If you ran the Emperor’s Challenge and are looking to see your peak photo/finish line photo, you’ll find most everything you need to know there. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, just move along, nothing to see here, other than a whole bunch of photos of sweaty runners on top of a mountain.

Del and Nina’s Kinuseo Falls Wedding

One week ago, a dream came true.

I got to shoot a wedding at Kinuseo Falls.

And it was as awesome as I hoped it would be. Oh, sure, I wasn’t able to keep them there for 24 hours so my night time portrait at the base of Kinuseo will have to wait, but seriously, that place is awesome, and the photos? Wow.

But before I show you those, I’m going to show you these, of the girls getting ready. Why? To build expectation, of course. That last picture? It’s a teaser for things to come.