Month: December 2017

Conuma Photos

Hey Everyone:

Conuma Pictures are up and ready.

If you were at the first party in Chetwynd on Dec 8, you can find your pictures here.

If you were at the first Tumbler Ridge party, December 9, your photos are here.

If you were at the second Tumbler Ridge party, December 15, your photos are here.

And finally, if you were at the second Chetwynd Party on December 16, here are your photos.

To download the pictures, simply find the photo(s) you want, and look for the download button below the photo. It looks like an arrow down. Click that button and voila.

What if you don’t want the Conuma Chrome around the image? You just want the image itself?

You can buy the original image(s) for $20, by clicking on the links below.

Chetwynd December 8

Tumbler Ridge December 9

Tumbler Ridge December 15

Chetwynd December 16