Does Jerry Ghionis have kids?

I was looking at a list of what brought people to my website. Among the list of usual offenders (Trent Ernst, Eye For Detail, Dawson Creek Wedding Photographer, Fort St. John Wedding Photographer, etc. etc.) was the search term “Does Jerry Ghionis have children?”

I have no idea why that search defaulted to my blog (especially when I search for the term, I am nowhere to be seen on the front page), and even less idea why someone would be searching  the website of a small town photographer in Northern British Columbia, Canada for information on one of the most popular wedding photographers in the world and a native of Australia. About the only connection I see is that we’re both in Commonwealth Countries, and both wedding photographers.

But to answer the question, no. He doesn’t. At least, none that he knows of.

2 thoughts on “Does Jerry Ghionis have kids?

  1. I threatened I would. Besides, it was a cheap excuse to name drop and more important, add in a list of search terms so as to somehow get my page ranked higher on google. Or something like that.

    Hey, have I mentioned lately that google thinks I’m the greatest living photographer?

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