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NOTE: I’ve had a few people say the photos aren’t loading. The people who are saying this are using Internet Explorer. It appears to be working fine in other browsers like Chrome or Firefox, though.

Photos have been uploaded to the purchasing site. You can find nearly all the pictures here. A few people wandered past while I was adjusting my light, and I apologize for missing them.

I have not gone through and tagged each of the images with bib numbers or anything, as that would have added a long, long time for me to get them up. So how do you find your photo?

The way I do it is fairly simple, though it might take a few minutes.

First, I find out where someone finished in the race by looking at the results. Let’s use Kelly Fry as an Example. She finished in 3:23. While people do shift positions between the top and bottom, generally people stay within a few dozen places of where they were when they went past me.

Then, I do a bit of math. Kelly finished somewhere in the middle of the pack. So, I find a picture of someone around the middle of the pack. In this case, on page 22 out of 44 pages, and search the pdf for that person’s bib number. I see someone wearing bib 189. When I search, she finished in 3:13. So Kelly is probably going to be after her. So I skip a few pages ahead and see a woman wearing bib 370. That’s Bri, who finished in 3:22. So Kelly’s pictures should be somewhere around hers. In fact, Kelly’s picture is right below hers. It might have been a page or two back, or a page or two forward, but instead of having to go through 44 pages of photos, I’ve only had to go through four or five.

And if worse comes to worse, you can always email me with your bib number and a description of what you were wearing, and I can see if I can track you down.

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