Emperor’s Challenge 2015

Photos have been uploaded to the purchasing site.

You can find the photos from the start/finish, including the kid’s races here, while the peak photos are here.

While we tried to capture everyone, some people came in behind other people and we just couldn’t get a decent shot. But most people are there. All the photos are in chronological order, and all the finish line photos  have the clock in it (though the display was acting up…), so if you know your finish time, you can find your photo easily. If you don’t know your finish time, you can find it at the results page.

I have not gone through and tagged each of the images with bib numbers or anything, as that would have added a long, long time for me to get them up, and not everyone’s bibs were visible.

So how do you find your photo?

The way I do it is fairly simple, though it might take a few minutes.

First, I find out where someone finished in the race by looking at the results. If you are looking for your finish line photo, this will be fairly easy to sync up, as the photos are in chronological order.

For the peak photos it is only slightly more complicated. While people do shift positions between the top and bottom, generally people stay within a few dozen places of where they were when they went past me. I will go find a photo of someone whose bib number I can see and figure out where they finished overall and work my way closer and close to the result I am looking for. While it is not the fastest solution, it is the simplest for all involved.  If worse comes to worse, you can always email me with your bib number and a description of what you were wearing, and I can see if I can track you down.

A note about our ordering site.

We don’t do our own fulfillment. We upload the pictures to a company down in the States. They take care of the ordering and printing for us. That’s why we’re able to get the photos up and ready for you in just a couple days.

However, they are located in the States, which means that if you want to order a printed copy of your photo, it actually costs a fair bit to ship back up to Canada. If you order a 5×7 print, chances are the shipping will cost as much or more than the print itself. There’s nothing I can do about that. I’m working with them on setting up a way that the printing can happen in Canada, but for now, this is the way it works.

What I can do, is recommend that you purchase the digital copy of the photo. That way, you can easily post it to Facebook, put it on your iPad or Android device so you can show it off to everyone, and even print a copy off.

When you order a physical print, I get a notification saying the photo has been ordered, and I can go in and just make sure that everything is perfect before it is printed.

THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN when you order a digital copy. Most of the photos are good, but every once in a while, I might have missed a giant mosquito hovering in the shot, or the photo might be a little dark. If you want to see any changes to an image before you order it, just send me a note telling me the image number and let me know what you want done. NOTE: this is not a retouching service. If you want me to lighten your face, because it’s a little dark, I’d be happy to. If you want me to swap your body out for Kate Hudson’s…not going to happen.

If you have any questions, just send me an email. Thanks!

A note to all our runners

So, as you may or may not know, I’m a photographer. Well, I suppose you figured that out when you saw me there with the camera. But I am a capital P Photographer. Again, I hope you figured that out when you saw the photos and went “this isn’t just a snapshot…” If you haven’t looked at the photos yet, you can go and check them out. That’s okay, I’ll wait.

Back already? Excellent. Okay, so here’s the deal. I took these photos in the two or three seconds it took for you to run by. Just think what sort of magic we could create together if we were to take a half an hour or an hour dedicated to taking portraits.

I am working on a whole bunch of ideas featuring people in nature. If you were interested in doing some modelling, drop me a line and let me know. Thanks.

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