Bellies to Babies

One day, you’re heading to the hospital for the birth of your first child.

The next, he’s graduating and leaving home.

Life passes quickly. Don’t let the memories pass you by.

At Eye For Detail Photography, we take photographs of people at all stage of life. From bellies to babies, from maternity to maturity we want to help you remember the moments, of your life and theirs.

Important moments. Special moments. Everyday moments. Moments worth remembering.

Maternity Sessions

From intimate to creative, our maternity sessions celebrate the expectancy and wonder of new life and new beginnings. They are a celebration of family, of love, of hope, and of the infinite potential contained within. These are extended sessions, and can focus on just you and your belly, or they can include dad and the whole family.

See some of our favourite maternity images.

_MG_9187-Edit.jpg_MG_9146.jpg_MG_9120.jpg_MG_9086.jpg_MG_9079-Edit.jpg_MG_9058.jpg_MG_9032.jpg_MG_8937.jpgA2 bredenkamps_MG_1450_MG_1427_MG_1380_MG_7538-1_MG_7570_MG_7542_MG_7517_MG_7484-1_MG_7480-1_MG_7500_MG_7451-1_MG_7426-1Addison on the way_MG_2184_MG_2178_MG_1878_MG_1877_MG_1864_MG_1818_MG_1799Blue EyesFocus!belly2belly3Touch My BellyRed WallElbow RoomJade Straightjaddison  02 .jpgjaddison  04 .jpgjaddison  18 .jpgjaddison  28 .jpgjaddison  29 .jpgjaddison  32 .jpgjaddison  33 .jpgjaddison  42 .jpgjaddison  44 .jpgJade Pregnant

Baby’s First Year Program

It seems like every day of the first year of existence there is some major change that happens. Take a picture of a baby three hours old and the same baby three days old and already they are completely different. Infants are fun to photograph for that reason, plus, they don’t stand on pretense. Sure, mom’ll dress them up in nice clothing and the photographer will arrange things just so, but if babe is not happy, you’re gonna know about it. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t tell a baby to smile or say cheese. They are what they are.

Whenever I flip open the photo album or look over old slideshows with my girls the first thing they want to see is themselves. “Is that what I looked like as a baby?” We invite you to become a part of our Baby’s First Year Program and invest in beautiful professional images as they grow. Because there is nothing more precious—or more fleeting—than your baby’s first year.

Over the course of baby’s first year, we will book a minimum of three portrait sessions of your child. These can happen in studio here, at your home, or even outdoors, depending on what the weather is like. Additional shoots can be added in, as you wish, including our creative maternity session and or a newborn session within the first 30 days after birth.

At the end of the year, we’ll package your favourite shots from each of the sessions in either an album or a press printed book. You are able to order images beforehand (for announcement cards, prints to send to parents, a canvas to put on your wall, etc.), but the end goal is to have a beautiful book documenting baby’s first year.

Contact us to book your consultation.

Here are some of our favourite pictures of babies and infants, from newborns to one year old cake smashing birthdays. 

_MG_8631_MG_8629_MG_5876_MG_5905Mika-2_MG_5897_MG_5926_MG_2309_MG_5454_MG_5487_MG_5291_MG_5219_MG_9308_MG_9150_MG_9270_MG_9430_MG_6673Tony and SarahTony and SarahTony and SarahTony and SarahIt's a girlIt's a girldawntyler-107-2.jpgJael's new baby 1Jael's new baby 2Baby ClaireBaby ClaireBaby Claire_MG_3466.jpg_MG_3417.jpg_MG_3622.jpgEdyn-3Edyn-4edynEdyn-2sawyerSawyer-2Sawyer-3Sawyer-4Sawyer-5MorenzieMorenzie-030Morenzie-023Morenzie-017Joey-028Joey-038Joey-012Joey-008_MG_1042_MG_1040_MG_1140.jpg_MG_1018.jpgWilliamWilliam-2William-3_MG_0201_MG_0229_MG_0210


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