Sometimes I am hard pressed to decide which is more fun, wedding days or engagement sessions.Yes, there is something special about the wedding day, but there is also a simple beauty in spending a few hours with two people deeply in love, without all the people, without all the trappings of the ceremony, a chance to explore their relationship and feelings for each other visually.

Both are magical and tell the complete story of the love a couple has for each other. Click here to view our engagement images or keep reading to see all our images from both weddings and engagements below.

Wedding Photos

I shot my first wedding shot 25 years ago when I was still a teenager, and I began shooting weddings professionally a decade ago. Most people think about photography as just an art, but there’s a lot of science involved, too. The way light works, the way cameras record light. Understanding that lets me be more creative with my photography.

More than that, I love shooting couples and the way we as people interact at weddings. There are few days that are as special as your wedding day. On this day, that which is most beautiful and nobel about us run closer to the surface than normal: love, joy, excitement and intimacy. It is a time to celebrate that which makes us unique, but also a time to celebrate that which makes us human and the connections we form.

Here are a few wedding images. To view the image, simply click on the thumbnail. You can navigate left or right by clicking on the left or right-hand side of the image or by using your left and right arrow keys.

_MG_2839_MG_3185_MG_2817_MG_3223_MG_8146_MG_8290-1_MG_8238-1_MG_8164-1Trevor_Lissa-627Trevor_Lissa-591Trevor_Lissa-624Trevor_Lissa-518_MG_2013_MG_1974_MG_1913_MG_1952Coreen_Linden-299Coreen_Linden-271Coreen_Linden-255Coreen_Linden-368_MG_9848_MG_9946_MG_9205_MG_9463B_and_A-094B_and_A-394B_and_A-475B_and_A-513darinpicdillonandgirls_MG_0119_MG_0266dillonjodi-361mike_karen_wedding1317mike_karen_wedding1405mike_karen_wedding1500mike_karen_wedding1312Jade5Jade4Jade3Jade2Jade1_MG_1342_MG_1326_MG_1263_MG_1089_MG_1240_MG_9698_MG_9765_MG_9337_MG_6868_MG_6836_MG_6586_MG_6746natjosh-477natjosh-394wedded blissnatjosh-139_MG_8535_MG_8489-Edit_MG_1548_MG_1489-Edit_MG_1580-EditAmi2.jpgAmi5.jpgmichael and dayle-455Dayle_Michael_wedding-785Dayle_Michael_wedding-773Dayle_Michael_wedding-577Dayle_Michael_wedding-877Dayle_Michael_wedding-539SeleneSelene Au Naturalzimmers-194.jpgzimmers-196.jpgzimmers-41.jpgzimmers-172.jpgRichard and SeleneSelenedawntyler-449-Edit.jpgdawntyler3-134.jpgdawntyler3-264.jpgdawntyler3-136.jpghandsdawntyler-115.jpgThe coupleThe girlsThe familyTrevor and MichelleTrevor and MichelleTrevor and MichelleTrevor and MichelleTrevor and MichelleTrevor and MichelleThe flowersThe kissThe brideSkyJan and SkyJan car

Engagement Photos

Shooting an engagement is important for several reasons. First, this time allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera with your photographer, figuring out how you work best together before the wedding. Next, you can showcase your personalities in a more casual setting creating some beautiful imagery to use in thank you cards, sign in books and prints to share with loved ones on your wedding day. Best of all, you can remember this special time forever away from the throngs of loved ones and friends. This is your time together.

Here are some of my favourite images from couples who have invited me to share in the joy of their engagement.

Closer_MG_3431.jpgThe precursorThe shockThe drinkSteveston SunsetEngagement PhotosEngagementEngagement and funfireworks-8.jpgfireworks-7.jpgnatnjosh-8.jpgnatnjosh-78.jpgnatnjosh-81.jpg_MG_1788_MG_1718_MG_1600_MG_15122816721schembi_book_shoot2911schembi_book_shoot2850schembi_book_shoot2858_MG_3463_MG_3164-Edit_MG_3406-Edit_MG_3272_MG_3554_MG_3252Andrea_and_Jesse-026Andrea_and_Jesse-007Andrea_and_Jesse-084Andrea_and_Jesse-090Andrea_and_Jesse-133Andrea_and_Jesse-057Trevor_Lissa-27Trevor_Lissa-34Trevor_Lissa-7Trevor_Lissa-20