Gradfest Dawson Creek

Dawson Grad-010.jpg

We had the honour of being invited to be part of Gradfest 2011 this year in Dawson Creek and joined an amazing party celebrating with the graduates into the middle of the night. Located at the Encana Events Centre the grads had two floors full of entertainment including laser tag, nascar racing, sumo wrestling and a fab DJ. Eye for Detail provided a photo booth where grads could walk away with a souvenir of the event: three pictures on a photo strip, and the grads took full advantage of our booth and had a blast posing. Here are some of our favourites from the night, we were right beside the dance floor and the sumo’s so we just had to include a few of our favourite candid shots as well.  We are working on putting all the photo booth and candid images up online so you can see them, check back later.

Dawson Grad-010.jpgDawson Grad-016.jpgDawson Grad-018.jpgDawson Grad-057.jpgDawson Grad-074.jpgDawson Grad-078.jpgDawson Grad-081.jpgDawson Grad-091.jpgDawson Grad-115.jpgDawson Grad-129.jpgDawson Grad-145.jpgDawson Grad-161.jpgDawson Grad-002.jpg_MG_3414.jpg_MG_3433.jpg_MG_3438.jpgDawson Grad-113.jpg_MG_3485.jpgDawson Grad-172.jpg_MG_2932.jpg_MG_2946.jpg_MG_2970.jpg

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