Kealy and Mike Grande Prairie Wedding

2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-210.jpg

After last year’s deluge weddings, this year has gone back to the usual perfect weather on weekends. The entire summer featured perfect Saturdays.

Of course, Kealy and Mike got married the first weekend in September, and so all bets were off. The weather was mixed, with dangerous looking skies. Fortunately, the rain held off for the wedding and for the formals, and I love skies like this. Here’s part 2 from Kealy and Mike’s wedding.

2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-165.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-184.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-193.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-210.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-213.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-217.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-219.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-228.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-230.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-239.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-265.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-266.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-269.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-270.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-276.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-294.jpg2012-09-01 Kealy and Mike-by-eye-for-detail-298.jpg

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