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Josh and Katelin’s winter wonderland wedding in Dawson Creek

A couple weeks ago, the temperature dipped to down round -40 C. I sent an email to Josh saying that if it stayed like that, he’d be the one having to warm up the frozen batteries under his arms.

Fortunately, the weather was a lot warmer last Saturday when he and Katelin got married at Bethel Pentecostal Church in Dawson Creek. There was a fine mist of ice rain as I was driving in, which turned to snow just in time for the wedding.

We did most of the shots outside, and while it wasn’t -40, it was still quite cold. Cold enough that the metal camera body caused my fingers to get numb very quickly. Cold enough so that the batteries in my flash wouldn’t recycle fast enough to make it useful. Cold enough that one camera just decided to stop working all together.

But despite all that, Josh and Katelin and the rest of the party were oh-so photogenic and we got lots of great shots. Maybe not quite as many as I would have got if it were a little warmer, but enough to capture a really good sense of their special day without anyone getting frostbite.

Here’s some of my favourites. Click on more to see all the photos.


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