Tara and Dave, Part II

2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg

One of the most magical moments ever happened while photographing this wedding; while we were wandering about Tara’s family home above the Peace River near Fort St. John, we stopped by a lilac tree, where dozen’t of butterflies hung about. Tara was just about able to reach out and pet them. Of course, I wasn’t able to get that exact shot, but I did get a few of her and the butterflies.

2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-001.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-002.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-003.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-004.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-005.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-006.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-007.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-008.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-009.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-010.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-011.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-012.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-013.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-014.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-015.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-016.jpg2013-06-22 Dave and Tara Wedding-by-eye-for-detail-017.jpg

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